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A furious bystander was caught on camera over the weekend confronting a small group of armed far-right protestors outside of a Michigan police station...

And it truly just goes to show the vicious conflict that the United States is experiencing at the moment.


Here's the full story...

Now, this all started when Ann Arbor local Omar Shafie was arrested on March 29th.


He is facing 5 felonies in connection with a thirty-six-hour standoff with police at his parent's home where several rounds were fired but no one was injured, according to local news outlets.

Shafie was armed with multiple weapons and was wearing a flak jacket with multiple magazines strapped to his body...


Which suggested strongly to authorities that he was prepared to cause serious harm.

But it was later discovered that Shafie was having a "mental health crisis."

The thirty-two-year-old remains in custody...


But the news of his arrest triggered outrage online.

Family members and the pro-gun community began demanding Shafie's release by using the hashtag, #FreeOmar...

Because he hasn't been granted his second amendment rights.

Shafie's girlfriend has been updating her followers on Twitter of how badly her partner is being treated in jail...

And after being set a $500,000 bail, it seems as if Shafie is going to be behind bars for quite some time.

His girlfriend has been painting a very different picture to what the authorities claim to have happened...

And she has insisted her boyfriend was barricaded in the property and terrorized by the police and that, in fact, he didn't actually fire any shots.

Shafie's story was gaining traction online...

Which is what lead to his girlfriend organizing a peaceful protest in Ann Arbor on April 4th to demand Shafie's release.

The protest went ahead and many did it peacefully...


But when approximately 6 Boogaloo Bois turned up, this is when things turned ugly.

For those who aren't aware, the Boogaloo Bois is a loosely organized far-right anti-government extremist political movement...


Something that has also been described as a militia.

Boogaloo adherents say they are preparing for, or seek to incite, a second American Civil War or second American Revolution which they call "the boogaloo."

Members of this organization are always armed heavily with guns, assault rifles, and ammunition...


Which - quite understandably - causes a lot of anxiety and fear among the general public.

So when a group of armed members of the Boogaloo turned up to Sunday's peaceful protest...


Things turned gristly.

Footage captured by journalist Ford Fischer shows an angry bystander confronting the armed protestors...


Which consisted of approximately 6 heavily-armed Boogaloo Bois members.

Timothy Teagan, known to be a prominent figure within the Boogaloo movement, could be heard shouting in protest of Shafie's detainment:


"We're gonna be out here for a little bit! If you'd like to come and talk it over, we're right out here. Talk to us maybe the way you should have talked to Omar. How much money did it take from the city to have fifty cops out there in a thirty-six-hour standoff?"

He carried on shouting:


"For what? A kid that broke no laws, wanted to be left alone, that you rolled on him outside, had guns right outside pointed at his head, and you wondered why he decided to lock himself in a room and try to defend himself?"

But a nearby bystander wasn't having any of it.


Confronting the group, the man can be heard asking, "What are you protesting about?"

When one of the members explains it's about Omar Shafie's situation, the man says, "Why don't you get your f****** guns out of our town, man?"

"What the f***! We don't need this, man!"


As the protestors try and justify their reasonings for being so heavily armed, the man shouts over them.

"Listen, man. This is a peaceful community, we don't need this! We've been through a pandemic, we've lost thousands... so get your f****** guns out of here!"

The leader continues to try and place the blame on police officers for them being there with their assault rifles...


But the bystander makes sure he's the one who's heard.

"You are not the police. You are militia. The law is... they are in charge, not you. Get the f*** out of our town! Read the f****** law, man," he shouts, all while the leader tries to insist that because of the constitution, he's the one - a civilian - who's in charge.

The bystander then says he cares about the children in the town, rather than those getting arrested.


"I care about the children of this town. Walking around with goddamn guns, what… are you teaching them?"

The bystander begins to walk away as he brandishes:


"Take your steroid-shruken nuts out of Ann Arbor. F*** off, Nazis."

You can watch the explosive confrontation here:

Do you agree with the bystander? Or do you think the Boogaloo Bois have a right to bear arms during peaceful protests?

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