Woman Says She Discovered Fiancé Was Cheating on Instagram | 22 Words

While some think modern technology has made cheating on your partner easier than ever, that isn't always necessarily the case. Our phones basically know everything about us, which means they can occasionally leave a very incriminating trail. Cheaters beware - technology will be the first to betray you!

But one woman's story of how she brutally discovered her partner was cheating has hit headlines this week. A TikToker known as Gabby posted a video on the app revealing how her no-good, cheating fiance had messed up via social media.

So, we all know that you have the potential to block people on Instagram, right? Blocking someone prevents them from seeing your posts and your stories, and even from finding your page. It can be a really useful tool for minimizing the number of random weirdos messaging you or help you move on from a past flame. But when Gabby checked her list of blocked contacts, she noticed something strange. There was one woman on the list that not only had she never blocked, but she'd never even heard of...

"I'll never forget the day in 2019 when something told me to check my blocked list on Instagram," she shared. "What did I find?... a random girl. What did we have in common?... My boyfriend! Now I didn't block her, so you can guess who did…" Yikes.

The clip quickly racked up views, with followers loving the drama, and quick to ask follow-up questions about the crazy situation. "What happened? Did you unblock her? Did you speak? What did she say? WHAT HAPPENED?" one commenter wrote. "I'm actually kind of impressed that he took the extra step," joked another, with Gabby replying, "Honestly, me too."

Gabby then explained that her fiance had taken her phone when she wasn't looking, searched out his side piece, and blocked her via Gabby's account. She goes on to say this was "because I was posting photos of us and he didn't want her to know," adding, "he also put my account on private."

And if you thought that was bad enough, the story actually gets even worse.

In a follow-up video answering the comments from her initial viral TikTok, Gabby revealed she had traveled over to the U.K from the U.S for 6 weeks to spend time with her fiance - and it was just 4 days away from the end of the trip when she made the horrifying discovery.

Gabby says when she confronted her guy, he claimed the blocked woman was "crazy and obsessed so in order to protect me, and protect him, he had to block her," Gabby said. "Don't we love a 'crazy girl' story?" she joked.

Well, at least she's well shot of him now!