Mom Puts Cheerios in a Blender To Make Edible Sand for Baby | 22 Words

A mom has received widespread praise after she shared her "genius" Cheerios hack.

Here's the full story...

Now, keeping our children entertained will never be an easy task.


No matter what age, children tend to have a pretty short attention span, and therefore, demand a lot of our time and creativity in order to stay entertained.

Granted, it's very easy to simply sit them in front of the television or hand them an iPad...


But where's the fun in that?

But, throughout the last twelve months in lockdown, parents have had to get extra creative in order to keep their kids entertained.


It hasn't been easy, let me tell you.

But this week, one mom's crafty sensory-play idea has gone viral...

And other parents are revelling in the sheer genius of it.

Ella Anne Christine, an Illinois based mom, shared the inventive idea on TikTok.


She showed that, when creating a backyard beach, finely blending Cheerios make for the perfect sand substitute - and also taste good when eaten!

As you can see...


Once blended, they really do resemble soft, beachy sand - just without the unpleasant taste and texture, of course.

She threw the "sand" into a container, added some beach toys...


And voila! Her baby was content and, most importantly, entertained for hours.

The little girl got to explore the texture of the "sand," and play with the toys, all while keeping busy.


And, because the sand is actually Cheerios, parents don't have to worry if the baby eats some of it too - because, let's face it, they definitely will try and eat it.

You can watch the full video below.


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Who said you can't bring the beach to your own back yard?!