Twitter Is Divided On How Much Chicken Wing You Should Eat | 22 Words

It's a truth universally acknowledged that the internet loves chicken wings. From the iconic YouTube series Hot Ones to the ongoing search for the greatest fast food options out there, it's nothing short of an obsession.

But the latest chicken wing controversy to hit the world wide web truly has the internet divided. People are asking exactly how much meat you should eat off of your chicken wings - and nobody can seem to agree!

Sure, sometimes you're a little hungrier, or the wing is a little more irresistible. But we all basically follow the same eating process, wing to wing, right? But it turns out, the variation from person to person between different methods of wind consumption is vast. Some people tend to take just a little nibble of the most accessible meat - while others basically suck the bone completely clean. So, where do you fall on the spectrum?

Obviously, because this is on the internet, people had some very strong opinions on the subject.

"#1 people are definitely serial killers," wrote one Twitter user. "You ever eat with a 1 and you're just sitting there annoyed?" another asked, while another replied: "Gotta remind myself that they're mostly good people, and this not the hill to kill a friendship on."

It's the 5s that seem to hold the strongest opinions here. "I'm a 5 but I guess I'll give a pass to 4's. At least there was an attempt. 1-3's are enemies of the state," one complained. "It's 5 or you're eating like a baby," added another user.

Others pointed out the difference between the way we eat wings alone vs out in public. "4 in the streets, 5 in the sheets," one person joked. We have to agree.

Like any good internet debate, model Chrissy Tiegen even waded in. She added: "I don't invite 1's or 2's back to my house. Even my daughter knows better."

And if you thought 5s were hardcore, some Twitter users claimed they were, in fact, a 6. "I'm a 6," wrote one. "The one where the bone is not only cleaned but cracked in numerous places as I suck the marrow out."

Which number are you?