'Chopped Junior' Champion Fuller Goldsmith Dead at 17 | 22 Words

An aspiring chef, who won Chopped Junior, has tragically died aged just seventeen.

Fans of the show, who have watched Fuller Goldsmith rise to the top of the junior cooking world, have been left in total shock.

Thousands of heartfelt messages have been shared online after the announcement of his passing went viral...

Fuller Goldsmith, from Alabama, first entered the public eye at the age of fourteen, when he appeared as a contestant on Chopped Junior.

After blowing the competition out of the water, Goldsmith went on to win first place, bagging a whopping $10,000.

He then donated all his prize money to Birmingham Children's Hospital, which just goes to show what a kindhearted boy he was.

After winning Chopped Junior, he went on to compete in Top Chef Junior in 2018 but had to leave due to his deteriorating health.

Despite this devastating turn of events, Goldsmith's hero, Guy Fieri, surprised him at a music festival shortly after he left the competition.

As per Entertainment Weekly, Fieri gave the young chef some uplifting words of advice...

"What you've already accomplished in your life is amazing," Fieri said at the time.

"You don't give up… You gotta believe, you gotta trust, you gotta go, you gotta fight hard, and it's not easy."

But behind Goldsmith'sΒ bubbly personality and infectious smile...

He had been battling a devastating disease since the age of just 3-years-old.

Goldsmith was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, which affects the blood cells in the body...

And fought the disease a whopping 4 times.

Sadly, in February, Goldsmith shared on his Instagram page that his leukemia had returned for the fifth time...

"Unfortunately the news regarding the tumor was not what I was hoping. The same Leukemia is back. The plan is to start proton radiation at UAB as soon as I can….hopefully within the next 2 weeks. I will have twelve days of radiation and then more chemo to make sure it's gone once and for all. Round 5- I'm ready to fight."

But just 7 months after he announced that the doctors had discovered a brain tumor...

Goldsmith sadly passed away.

The news of his death was confirmed by Magical Elves, the production company for Top Chef Junior, on Wednesday...

"We are devastated after hearing about the loss of our Top Chef Junior alum, Fuller Goldsmith," Magical Elves wrote on Instagram. "He was an incredible chef and the strongest kid we've ever met. From the minute he was introduced to us, we knew he would make an impact on everyone around him and be a positive force in the cooking world. To his family, we give all our love as they mourn the loss of someone truly special."

Our hearts go out to his family at this sad time.

Rest in peace.