Cinema Worker Goes Viral After Exposing Popcorn ‘Scam’ | 22 Words

A cinema employee has gone viral after they exposed a shocking popcorn scam.

The employee took to TikTok to reveal a major secret about the sizes of popcorn you can buy at the cinema. The private video, which now has more than 6.3 million views, sees the TikTok user @thatcoolguy.25597 pretending to be a customer ordering some popcorn while at the movies.

The employee asks customers which size popcorn they would like while showing them the different sizes. The options are between a large bucket, a regular bucket, and a junior bag.

Eventually, the customer decides to order a junior bag for $7.35 because the regular bucket is "too much" money, however, when they receive the juror bag, they change their mind.

The customer ask the employee to change their order to a regular bucket. And this is where it gets interesting...

The TikTok user then demonstrates why the different sizes are a scam as he empties the junior bag of popcorn into the regular bucket, which fills it to the top. He then charges the customer $8.44 for the regular bucket, when they're actually receiving the same amount of food.


The scam has left people horrified as they took to social media to complain.

"This should be theft by deception," one person wrote.

Though some people aren't convinced by what his claims. One person even claimed it was a trick: "I saw this exact same thing done with drinks. It's a trick. He just already has a little popcorn in the bottom of the larger containers."

And it's also revealed that it's not just popcorn at the cinema that is like this, according to Facebook users many fast-food chains use the same method.

"At most fast-food chains (Carl's Jr. McDonald's, Burger King etc.) The medium fry and large fry cartons hold the same amount of fries," one person explained.

"I saw exactly the same scam exposed on telly about beer mugs in a U.S sports stadium. The extra large beer in a tall glass held exactly the same as the standard beer in a dumpy glass," said another.

"McDonald's drinks are the same, in the UK. A large drink with ice, is the equivalent of a medium drink with no ice. To get your moneys worth, get a large coke with no ice," said a third.

What do you think? Will you be ordering a junior bag instead next time?