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In the past, a trip to the circus was nothing without seeing some exotic animals doing impressive tricks. But as we become more aware of human impact on the world, and more inclined to be careful about how we interact with other species on earth, the simple pleasure no longer seems so pure. In fact, using other animals for our enjoyment seems deeply unethical, and, for many, precludes any circus-related enjoyment.

But one innovative circus has come up with a solution to this problem. Wanting to enchant visitors with traditional shows of the past without having to make shady ethical calls, they've gone for a different approach. Instead of performing these tricks with living beings, they've used technical advancements to achieve beautiful effects - and the internet is loving it.

Circuses have long been a fun day out.

But they have fallen out of favor over time - likely because of their less-than-politically-correct attractions. Nowadays, things like freak shows are regarded with disgust, and rightly so.

And there's something else that is now thought to be problematic.

Circuses of the past relied heavily on using animals to perform in specific acts, many of which would be uncomfortable or even painful for the creatures.

On top of this, they were often kept in incredibly poor conditions.

Life in close captivity, travelling from place to place, and being forced to dance for jeering crowds in order to eat hardly seems like much of a life, does it?

And that's not all.

There are many instances that we can point to involving animal cruelty at circuses - and many bring a tear to the eye of the animal-loving internet-users today.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this would be the end of the circus industry.

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And, to be honest, it did seem like it may be that way. But one circus came up with an ingenious solution to the animal cruelty problem. The company in question? The Circus Roncalli.

They've had a pretty smart idea.

To get around any cruelty or mistreatment happening to any real-life animals, they've decided that there's no need to use real animals at all. They've achieved the same effect in a different way.

The circus has, instead, opted for hologram animals.

And the effects are pretty spectacular. Check out this gigantic hologram horse, which looks even more magical than the real thing!

And that's not the only animal that they've recreated.

One of the more famous spectacles of the Circus Roncalli is their enormous hologram elephant, which is truly a sight to behold.

It's an incredibly clever idea.

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As we progress away from the idea that using animals for our entertainment is an acceptable one, we make big advancements in another area - technology. Circus Roncalli has managed to combine these two things to create beautiful results.

And people are loving it.

Not only do these hologram animals look incredibly visually impressive - but it also allows people to enjoy the traditional spectacle of a circus, but without any of our twenty-first-century guilt.

And seeing them in action is all the more impressive.

The circus has been in operation for a really long time - but it's only in recent years that they've replaced their animals with eleven giant projectors and hologramized the act.

The show features a huge range of "creatures".

Alongside the huge wild horses and oversized elephants, Circus Roncalli also features monkey, fish, and much, much more.

The internet has gone wild for the idea.

It seems like a perfect movement of progression. As our attitudes to using animals change, our hologram technology has become more and more advanced - and this idea combines the two.

In fact, the whole thing is super impressive.

These holograms allow audiences to see the acts of the past without the fear of animals being harmed. On top of that, they get to see things that would be impossible to recreate in real-life, like giant goldfish swimming on stage!

We think that it's absolutely amazing.

And we can only hope that more circuses soon follow suit and go fully cruelty-free. If this circus sounds weird, though, it's nothing compared to some of the most unusual zoos out there.