You Can Now Get a Coffin Coffee Table That Opens up | 22 Words

Many of us think that no living room is complete without a coffee table. And there are a lot of weird and wonderful options out there on the market. There's a coffee table to suit basically any room - no matter how "unique" your personal interior design style.

For example, check out these specimens by design house AGO Projects studio. The tables are made from pinewood covered with a naturally tinted sisal that looks like horsehair for a truly creepy finish. You can add a glass top to make your table better at, say, holding stuff, while still showcasing that gloriously hairy base. The tables are designed to give a fresh take on sustainability, using materials that are commonly thought of as waste. But let's be honest - they're not to everyone's tastes.

Another designer who specializes in bizarre coffee tables is ceramicist Nick Wedell. He creates all manner of home decor that's designed to look a little creepy and monstrous. This guy is created from stoneware, porcelain, and foaming white glaze, and is named "Kitty." Wedell calls his aesthetic "in a marriage of surface, form, and color that defies expectation and familiarity."

But the latest coffee table to go viral might just beat the other two in terms of weirdness. Yes, that's right - a coffin coffee table has taken the internet by storm this week, and it's just as creepy as it sounds.

For those who love gothic decor or want their living room to have a horror movie aesthetic, this is surely a must purchase. But it's better than just a coffee table shaped like a coffin. This coffin table is actually functional, too. It opens up and has a clear top, so you can use it to store and display all of your favorite creepy items.

The coffin table is handmade and created from perspex and wood. The lid is hinged for easy access, too. Even if you don't want to store items, you could pack with candles or dried flowers to add an extra decorative element!

It's sixteen inches high and 4 feet wide, with a depth of twenty inches, making it roomy enough to be functional, but not so big it'll overpower your living room. It even comes fully assembled, but will take a few weeks to arrive, as each coffin is built to order.


"These cabinets are absolutely gorgeous! I also ordered another one as I was redecorating my room, and both are beautiful. I was very surprised when Louisa was the one to deliver it too! She's such a sweetheart and I will be ordering again in the future," one reviewer writes.

If you're interested in adding a spooky touch to your home, you can order yours from Louisa Oakes Furniture on Etsy!