Commuter Watches 'Fast & Furious' With a Portable Projector | 22 Words

A viral TikTok video has got everyone questioning their life choices after a commuter was spotted watching a movie on the train with a portable projector!

A man in Sydney, Australia, was spotted making the most out of his journey...


By using a massage gun on himself while watching a movie he'd projected onto the wall of the train.

He could be seen using the massage gun on his upper body...


What a convenience 😂 ##sydney ##new ##reality ##train ##travel ##fyp ##foryou

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

While projecting Fast and the Furious onto a white wall in front of him.

Of course, people are loving his creativity...


One user wrote, "Bloke is living in 2200," while another commented, "He got that gold class train ticket."

Others praised him for using his time well...


While some commenters admitted they could never bring themselves to do it.

I'm pretty sure all the introverts out there were internally screaming at the video...


Secretly wishing we could all do something similar.

The TikTok was an instant hit, going viral shortly after being posted...


And has now been viewed more than 180000 times, with thousands commenting on how ingenious his idea was.

Would you go through the effort to take a projector onto a train to make your commute a little more fun?