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People all over the world are sending their condolences to the queen on this horrific day.

Here's the full story...

Thousands have been left heartbroken, in part, because the royal family is regarded as a hugely important part of British culture.

The Brits are extremely proud that Queen Elizabeth is the longest-ruling monarch of the United Kingdom. Since her coronation on February 6th, 1952, she surpassed Queen Victoria's old record of sixty-three years on the throne in 2015.

She began taking on public duties as a young woman...

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Elizabeth's father appointed her colonel-in-chief of the Grenadier Guards and she made her first public appearances inspecting her troops.

But when her father died in February of 1952...

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Elizabeth, the King's first-born, automatically became the Queen of England. And this will be the case for Prince Charles with the current Queen unfortunately passes.

By 2nd June 1953, Queen Elizabeth had officially taken on the reigns.

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She was crowned at Westminster Abbey at the meager age of twenty-seven. Charles was present at his mother's crowning; He was aged 4 at the time. Interestingly, Elizabeth's was the first coronation to be shown on television.

She wasn't ruling totally alone, though because Prince Philip was always by her side.

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Elizabeth married Phillip Mountbatten (a distant relative of hers) on November 20th, 1947, when she was just twenty-one. She'd met Philip aged thirteen and the 2 quickly became totally smitten.

Philip wasn't an expected fit for the Queen.

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However, he was an important part of her life. Queen Elizabeth was known for being more reserved and thoughtful, while Philip always had a reputation for being a bit bold and brash, and he has always had something of a mixed reputation in high society.

But the pair continue to stand the test of time.

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Soon after their marriage, they were required to take the last name of Windsor, which caused tension between the pair. There have also been numerous public scandals, including rumors of Philip's infidelity. But to this very day, the couple remains happily married.

The couple wasted no time starting a family.

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Their first child, Charles, was born in 1948, and is pictured of the left. Their second child, Anne, soon followed in 1950.

The Queen and Philip have a total of 4 children together...

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Queen Elizabeth has ruled the United Kingdom with her family over the years, and over time, all of them have won over the public, including Prince Charles' father.

However, it's been a tough time for the couple.

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The ninety-nine-year-old Duke has been battling several health problems over the past few years which have gotten particularly bad in the past few months.

The royal has undergone many surgeries in order to regain his health.

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Having previously dealt with such things as a blocked coronary artery and a bladder infection just days before his 92nd birthday, Prince Philip underwent exploratory abdominal surgery which he recovered from.

And in 2015, he retired from public engagements after becoming the longest-standing royal consort in British history.

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But soon after, he fell victim to another health issue which involved a hip replacement surgery and since then, he has been on a tragically rocky path.

Prince Charles has already taken over a lot of the royal duties since his father's retirement.

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Previously, he had already been doing a lot on behalf of his parents but 2015 marked the year when he took on a heavier responsibility.

And it seems as though the news only gets worse for the family...

As, last month, Prince Philip was rushed to hospital after "feeling unwell."

The Sun reported that the royal was expected to spend "a few days" there.

And that, upon his admission, he remained in "good spirits."

In a statement released by Buckingham Palace, it said this:

"His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital in London, on Tuesday evening. The Duke's admission is a precautionary measure, on the advice of His Royal Highness's Doctor, after feeling unwell."

It continued:

"The Duke is expected to remain in hospital for a few days of observation and rest."

It was quickly confirmed that his illness was not related to COVID.

It was then reported that he had been transferred to a different hospital, where he underwent a successful procedure on a pre-existing heart condition.

He was then returned to King Edward VII's to recuperate and continue his treatment.

But thankfully, weeks on from the surgery, the Duke was finally discharged.

And Prince Philip left the hospital to return home to Windsor.

Photos showed the royal being escorted from King Edward VII's Hospital in the back of an escort car.

Though details surrounding his health remain unclear.

And then, just as that drama settled down...


Reports of a "suspicious package" flooded in from the Queen's residence in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Police Scotland said they were called to the grounds of the Palace of Holyroodhouse at about 8.50 pm on Tuesday, March 23rd.


An Explosive Ordnance Disposal team examined the "suspicious item" before making it "safe," police said, as per The Independent.

A thirty-nine-year-old man was arrested in connection with the incident...


Though his identity has been withheld.

​So things have certainly been tough for the Queen lately...

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​And, now, a heartbreaking realisation has caused thousands to send their condolences to Her Majesty.

The Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, died March 30th 2002 aged 101.

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And on the 19th anniversary of her death, everyone's thoughts have been with Queen Elizabeth II, especially considering all she's been through recently. Rest in peace.