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Conor McGregor is not one to shy away from controversy. The Irish mixed martial artist often seems to be as aggressive out of the ring as he is in it. In fact, over the years, he's almost become more famous for his non-professional fighting as he has for his athletic accomplishments, including winning the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2014.

But Mcgregor's latest scuffle doesn't actually even involve the star himself...

Born on July 14th, 1988, Conor McGregor is one of the best-known fighters around.

His career began in mixed martial arts at the age of twenty. By 2012, McGregor had won both the Featherweight and Lightweight Cage Warrior championships.

But his dreams were even bigger.

McGregor vacated both of these titles in 2012 to sign with the UFC. He was equally successful in this sport, achieving the fastest ever knockout in history when he finished Jose Aldo in just thirteen seconds in 2015.

That's not even all of McGregor's achievements.

In 2016, he defeated Eddie Alvarez in the Lightweight UFC division, making McGregor the first-ever holder of both the featherweight and lightweight titles simultaneously.

McGregor then made the move to boxing.

His professional boxing career began in 2017. In his debut match, he was defeated by Floyd Mayweather - although it was the second most-watched boxing event in history, so that's a win of sorts.

Put simply, McGregor is kind of a big deal.

And his son is ridiculously cute.

On top of that, he appears to be a canny businessman.

McGregor is known for having some serious side hustles.

From the beginning of his sporting career, he's been keen on bagging endorsement deals, including sponsorships with Beats by Dre, Monster Energy Drinks, Bud Light, and Reebok - to the tune of around $7 million.

And that's not all.

Just before his incredibly well-known fight with Mayweather, he launched his clothing line, August McGregor - a range of modern men's suits, designed with millennials in mind.

It seems like McGregor is keen to capitalize on his fame.

Because in September 2018, he set his sights on another market - the drinks industry.

He launched Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey in both his native Ireland and in the United States.

This venture has reportedly been a massive success.

Some Irish supermarkets reportedly had to put a 2-bottle limit on shoppers in order to prevent the whiskey from being constantly sold out.

However, not everything is perfect for McGregor.

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Over the years, McGregor has faced numerous brushes with the law. This includes an arrest for robbery in Miami in 2019, during which he destroyed a cellphone and attempted to attack a literal bus.

And it seems as though McGregor's bad reputation has landed him in some more hot water.

As a McGregor lookalike has just been busted for selling drugs.

Mark Nye, thirty-four, was running a drug business called "McGregor Enterprises" in Surrey, England.

He claimed to have the "Best drops in Surrey."

Nye bore a resemblance to McGregor.

Surrey Police

And had reportedly styled his hair and beard to make the most of his lookalike status.

His business cards made his intentions even more clear.​

Surrey Police

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