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Converse has denied any wrongdoing after they were accused of stealing a twenty-two-year-old's designs.

The news comes after Cecelia Monge posted a now-viral TikTok video in which she explained how she was cheated by the brand.

And of course, the video gained a lot of attention from people who also called them out after seeing all the evidence.

Comments poured in...


Cecilia initially applied for an internship with Converse in 2019 and submitted a collection inspired by various National Parks.

However, even though she wasn't successful in the process, she was shocked to see that the designs had an uncanny resemblance to the brand's latest "Chuck 70 National Parks" shoe line.

And let me tell you, the photos are pretty wild.

In the clip that has now that's been viewed over fourteen million times, she said this:


"The color palette is exactly the same as the one I sent them, down to the order of the colors and the actual hues of the colors. I don't think it's a coincidence."

Speaking to Buzzfeed, the twenty-two-year-old said she wants the company to "recognize what they did and acknowledge it."


"My initial reaction was disbelief," said Monge. "I knew the designs looked like the ones I sent them 2 years ago, but I was hesitant because they were such a reputable brand."

But she was shocked to see how they had "stolen" her work and claimed it as their own.


"I tried thinking of who I think is Converse's target customer and how I could cater to them," she said about her inspiration for a US national parks shoe line. "Essentially, a hyper-specific customer would help me visualize the person to make it easier to design. That's how I landed on national parks."

She continued:

"Some people have said that a large company taking an idea from a rejected internship application is unlikely, but those folks who are currently in design roles immediately came to my side to show me support," she said. "People in the industry know how real my situation is and how often it happens to people who are too afraid to speak up ... My story isn't the first of its kind in the industry, and it won't be the last."

In response to Celelia's serious claims, Converse has spoken out twice.

Instagram / @Diet_Prada

The brand has maintained their innocence, fiercely denying any wrongdoings.

​A spokesperson for Converse told Buzzfeed News the following:

Instagram / @Diet_Prada

"The Chuck 70 product design, as well as the Great Outdoors and National Parks concept, was conceived before we received an application from the candidate," they stated, but when asked for further information about the "original creator" of the line, they said they could "not share unsolicited portfolios, further explaining:

"Converse's product and design team is made up of nearly 150 individuals across the globe who manage our creative process, season in and season out. As a matter of standard legal policy, we do not share unsolicited portfolios of job applicants across the business."

When the news was re-posted by popular social account @Diet_Prada, the company commented underneath the post stating something similar but also adding that they had reached out to Cecilia.

Instagram / @Diet_Prada

On her TikTok account, she confirmed that they did in fact reach out to her via email but only to reiterate what they had already said previously., again emphasizing their innocence.

​Cecilia added that the company had not apologized or compensated/credited her which is disappointing.


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"I believe Converse's response is what you would expect," she told Buzzfeed. "The literal millions of people that have been outraged about this whole situation still feel exactly the same after their response and are still calling for justice on all of Converse's social media accounts."

Here's the original video:


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I mean, the resemblance is more than uncanny, right?

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