Newly Released Footage Shows California Cop Throwing Woman to the Ground and Knocking her Unconscious | 22 Words

Yet another video has been shared online highlighting the problem of police brutality here in the U.S.

The footage has left people outraged...

In the video, a police officer can be seen throwing a woman to the ground.


Knocking her unconscious...

A 911 call was made in northern California in October 2020.


Which ended with an officer from the Fairfield Police Department violently tackling the woman in question to the ground.

It has been months since the assault, and the family is still fighting for justice...


The video shows Diana Santos as she is forced to the ground, after which she can be seen lying unconscious.

And people are in shock from the horrifying video...


"It was unbelievable and it kind of shattered our belief system here," the woman's husband, Edward Chavez, admitted.


He said: "We asked for help and what we got was my wife injured and my kids taken to jail."

The family called for help due to a dispute involving Santos' daughter and boyfriend...


Which led to the abhorrent use of force.

"The help came and we thought things would be okay and the next thing you know my wife is on the floor, we thought dead," Mr Chavez said.


John Ambrosio, Santos' lawyer said she's being charged with resisting arrest and obstruction.

Mr Ambrosio said that the law firm found the video on social media but is unable to figure out who was recording. 


"I've requested body camera video of the officers, however that video came to light which illustrates a lot more than I can or a police report can," he said.

The family had their first hearing last week...


And they are hoping that the case will be dismissed.

Santos has also filed a complaint against the Fairfield Police Department...


She reportedly doesn't remember anything, explaining she only remembers the police arriving, and then waking up as she was given medical care.

"That level of violence and brutality, I can't see how that could be justified," Mr Ambrosio said.

The Fairfield Police Department have yet to comment.