It's a distressing insight into the devastation caused by the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. | 22 Words

A dad has died in a Gaza airstrike just days after he told his 2 young daughters not to be scared.

TW: This article contains details that some readers may find upsetting.

It's a distressing insight into the devastation caused by the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.


However, despite the spike in attacks recently, the tensions between Israel and Palestine have been brewing for decades.

While many believe the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began as a result of religion, it was actually born over the ownership of land and territory.


​Israel, the world's only Jewish State, was established in 1948.

However, Palestinians, the Arab population that hails from the land Israel now controls, still refer to the territory as Palestine and want to establish a state by that name on all or part of the same land.

In 1967, a war broke out over the ownership and control of the land...


And, ultimately, Israel was left with full control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, 2 territories home to large Palestinian populations.

Since then, Israeli security restrictions have been enforced upon Palestinian movement and activities...


And the land has continued to be denied to Palestinians residing there.

Controversially, the U.S has shown strong support for Israel in the last couple of decades.


The Trump administration renewed the warmth in the Israeli-American relationship, culminating in Trump's decision to formally recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

According to the Institue for Policy Studies, Israel has benefitted from billions of dollars from the U.S...


Mostly in the form of military and economic aid sent annually by Washington.

All the while, Palestinians have continued to fight for their rights, their freedom, and their land.


But last week, the violence escalated to devastating levels.

In the worst bombardment of airstrikes since 2014, Gaza Strip faced an abundance of attacks from Israeli forces.


At least two-hundred Palestinians have been killed by the strikes, according to Palestinian health officials, as per The Washington Post.

At least several hundred more have been wounded.

Israeli forces have killed at least seventeen children in the territory this past week, Al Jazeera reported.


Palestinian militants retaliated by launching a heavy barrage of missiles last Tuesday, killing at least 2 Israelis in the coastal city of Ashkelon.

Hundreds of Palestinian residents have been left homeless as a result of the attacks.

Despite specific areas being targeted, residential areas and buildings have taken the brunt of the airstrikes, leaving citizens injured and on the streets with nowhere else to go.

Devastating footage from Gaza has been circulating on social media since the airstrikes began...

And people from all over the world have been watching, both transfixed and horrified, as the violence continues to unfold.

But there's one video in particular that has shocked the world as it shows the true devastation being caused...

A dad has died after he posted a YouTube video in which he reassured his 2 daughters to not be scared of the airstrikes.

Ahmed al-Mansi has been posting on the family YouTube channel, Sarah and Hala stars, over the last four months to document life in Gaza.

During that time, the family built a large following and received thousands of video views.

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But last week, Ahmed filmed and posted his final video in which he reassured his daughters, aged six and 12, to not be afraid.

In the video, Ahmed filmed himself buying toys for his children to help distract them from the airstrikes.

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"I wish you happy Eid. We will not be able to follow the usual traditions of Eid since … it is very dangerous to drive the car in the streets," the Independent reports that Ahmed said in the video.

"Hala is feeling upset. I want to do something that makes her happy. I'll buy her something that makes her happy."

But despite his efforts to bring comfort to his children...

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Ahmed was killed by an airstrike just three days later.

Ahmed died at the weekend as airstrikes hit the north of the Gaza Strip.

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It is reported that at least 10 strikes hit the Strip in just 15 seconds.

The heartbreaking video can be watched here.

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