Well, one dad caused outrage after he took to Twitter to share his unconventional parenting method. | 22 Words

Parenting is a difficult task to navigate, right? Everyone has their own methods and we should respect that... But in some cases, that can be difficult.

A dad has recently been slammed online after he admitted that he doesn't respect his children's privacy and his reasoning was not at all what we were expecting...

When it comes to bringing up children and being a parent, there isn't really a right way to do it.

As long as they are happy, healthy and safe, that's all that matters, right?

Well, one dad caused outrage after he took to Twitter to share his unconventional parenting method.

The dad, named Anthony, explained that he doesn't believe his children should be given privacy while they live with him.

Posting to Twitter, he wrote this:

"My children will get "privacy" from me when they can pay their own bills and feed themselves. Until then, you do what I say. Ain't sh** negotiable. We not friends."

The tweet quickly accumulated a whole host of responses many of which disagreed with the dad.

Some informed that Anthony that this would cause his children to be "sneakier," while others claimed he would be treating "your pets better than you treat your kids."

However, despite the overwhelming amount of tweets disagreeing with Anthony's method, some defended him.

Some Twitter users said that they "couldn't agree more" with Anthony's method.

"Good for you!!!! Kids may not know it but they need that structure and someone to love them enough to keep them safe and protected," one person wrote.

What do you think of Anthony's method? Do you think you should give children privacy or not?