Dad Makes His Daughter Do Chores To Pay for Menstrual Products and the Internet Is Not Impressed | 22 Words

A dad has been slammed online after he revealed that he makes his daughter do chores to pay for her menstrual products...

Raising a family is never tidy work...

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And us parents simply need to get on board with that fact.

But as our children get older...

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They will begin to learn how to maintain a tidy household, and this is when the wonderful thing that is chores comes into the equation.

As much as kids hate chores...

They're a brilliant way to teach them some valuable life lessons, and they also help us exhausted parents stay on top of the housework.

But, of course, things aren't always this easy...

And many grumpy teens often need bribing with some form of payment for doing the chores.

But, there's one dad who has took it too far this time...

As he makes his daughter do chores to pay for her menstrual products.

It's safe to say the internet is seething after finding this out...


The dad in question posted to Reddit in the AITA subreddit.

In which he asked: "AITA for expecting my daughter to do chores?"

His post read: "I (50M) lost my wife ten years ago. It's just me and my two kids N (17M) and E (F15), recently it caused a big stink with some family that my daughter does chores, but my son does not."

"I explained it's because I have to spend extra on my daughter each month not only for her extra curriculars, but for her monthly supplies, so it's my way of having her pay me back. She cleans the shared living spaces and bathrooms in our apartment and cooks four meals a week."

"My brother said I spend twice as much on my sons extra curriculars and by my logic, he should have to do chores too."

"I explained he didn't because I feel his could help him get into college but hers were just a hobby in my opinion."

Think that's bad? Well it gets worse...

"E overheard me say this and was very upset. She started refusing to do chores because it isn't fair. I told her she'd still be doing her chores and life isn't fair so stop being a brat, or I'd refuse to pay for her extra curricular stuff or pads," the post continued.

"I wouldn't actually do that, but I was mad when I said it," the Reddit user wrote.

"She packed a bag and took off. She's been staying with my sister who called me an abusive asshole when I demanded she send E home."

"My brother and sister are coddling her and I'm furious. N said I was being an asshole to E and that's why she left. I'm completely fed up with the whole thing. AITA for expecting her to do chores?"

"ETA: My son plays Football and Baseball while you daughter is in choir and a dance group, so yes I do think my son has a better chance at getting a scholarship."

"I'm not sexist and I don't appreciate being called one, and for those of you messaging me saying you hope someone calls CPS on me, I'm not doing anything wrong so that's just stupid."

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