Dad Sparks Debate by Saying He’ll Let Son Swear | 22 Words

A dad has gone viral for sharing his "unpopular opinion" on TikTok, stating to his followers that he will let his son swear as soon as he can talk.

The clip has been watched more than twelve million times, showing Connor Robertson, aka @clothdiaperdad, stitching a question from another TikToker, which said: "What's an unpopular opinion that you have about your parenting that might make a lot of parents mad?"


#stitch with @zariaadabarb2.0 in this house we swear

Robertson responded by saying: "Oh, I've got a lot of these but here are my top three... Number one: my kid will be allowed to swear. I do not care how old he is and I do not care if it upsets you or your children. He is more than likely going to grow up to be an adult who swears, so we might as well let him practice while he can. My wife and I actually have a bet on whether his first words are going to be f**k or I love you because those are the two most popular words in our household."

He also touched on the subject of anatomy, and that only the correct terms will be used when talking about body parts and slang terms like "c**chie, dingaling, and kittykittymeowmeow" will not be allowed. His final point was that toys don't have a gender; if his son wants to play with toys that are stereotypically deemed "girls" toys, then that's fine with him.

The video has been liked more than 3 million times, and many comments showed that people were in support of his parenting technique, but it was the swearing that divided opinions...

One person responded by saying: "I agree with everything except the swearing."

Another said: "I respectfully disagree with everything you said." A third added: "Your house your rules, that doesn't mean all ur rules are right though."

However, the majority of people agreed with him, especially about the swearing. One person responded by saying: "My rule on curse words was time and place around others and could not be used in anger towards someone else." To which Robertson replied: "Oh I like this. Can I borrow this rule?"

Another said: "The sooner children start using curse words the sooner they'll learn when it's appropriate."

A third wrote: "Studies actually show that parents that curse in front of their children, the children grow up into more adjusted adults."

In the second video about his "unpopular opinions," Robertson shared that his son "will not be required to show physical affection to anyone he doesn't want to or does not feel comfortable providing it to." In his video, Robertson explained that this applies to grandparents and other members of the family as he feels they are not entitled to physical affection from his son.

What do you think of his comments?