Dan Levy and Paul Rudd Snapped Eating Dinner Together | 22 Words

The internet has gone crazy after Dan Levy and Paul Rudd were pictured eating dinner together.

The pair were spotted at dinner together a few days ago enjoying some Indian cuisine at the Darjeeling Express in London. While there, Levy and Rudd happily posed for photos with the restaurant's owner, chef Asma Khan.

Khan later took to Instagram to share her picture with the 2 actors, which sees Rudd smiling and Levy holding up a peace sign.

Alongside the picture, she wrote: "When Paul Rudd returns for dinner to the restaurant and this time brings the lovely @instadanjlevy with him!"

The picture of the Schitt's Creek star and the Ant-Man actor dining together left many fans both, shocked and excited by the surprising friendship.

"I cannot express how much joy it brings me to discover that these paul rudd and dan levy hang out," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Paul rudd and dan levy having dinner together at an indian restaurant is what i didn't know my heart needed," said another.

"Maybe dreams do come true? Could this be a sign there's a new project in the works with @danjlevy and Paul Rudd? I sure hope so, because I would watch that!" added a third.

Others wished they'd been present at the restaurant with one fan even calling it their "ultimate fantasy dinner."

"Um. Did someone just create my ultimate fantasy dinner? The food looks delicious too!" one person wrote on Instagram.

"This post is my life. Two of my boyfriends at my fave restaurant," wrote another.

And it isn't Rudd's first time dining at the restaurant! He previously visited the restaurant, dining there on July 17th alongside his family.

As per People, Khan recalled that Rudd was "so wonderful" during his first visit.

"When we saw the name Paul Rudd in the booking site - we did not think it was THE Paul Rudd who had purchased 6 tickets to our Saturday Calcutta to Darjeeling lunch supperclub. It was!" Khan said.

"He was so wonderful- he was kind and generous in his comments about the food and my @chefstablenetflix documentary. He kindly agreed to take pictures with guests and my team before he left. I was so impressed by his kids who were really down to earth and sweet and hope they will cook from my cookbook when they get home!"

Just when we thought we couldn't love Paul Rudd any more!