Dashcam Footage Shows Cops Finding Missing Boy in Pond | 22 Words

3 police officers from Painesville, Ohio, were recently praised by their department for saving a 4-year-old boy from drowning in a pond... And the whole miraculous rescue was captured on one of the officer's dashcams!

Officers Daniel Thompson, Matthew Tycast, and Chad Balausky were on duty on Saturday, June 12th, when the child was reported missing from a home on Erie Street where he'd been staying at a relative's house.

The officers began searching for Paolo Moctezuma as soon as they arrived but just after 8 a.m, a body had been spotted floating in a pond in the park nearby.

Once they arrived, one of the officer's dashcams saw the entire scene unfold. Officers Tycast and Thompson began to enter the pond in a hasty bid to rescue the child while Balausky ran to retrieve a rope so that he could assist them in their heroic duties.

"There was debris in the child's mouth and Officer Thompson began chest compressions," Police Chief Dan Waterman later stated, according to Breitbart.

"After a number of chest compressions, they had a cough and things started to expel, water started to expel out of the child's mouth."

Later on, the Painesville Police Department took to Facebook to let people know that the boy had fully recovered, thanking the hardworking policemen for their beautiful deed.

"The child, Paolo Moctezuma, has made a full recovery from the near-drowning and was released from Cleveland's MetroHealth Medical Center on Tuesday, June 15th," the post stated.

"The Painesville Police Department would like to thank all those involved and to remind everyone on the importance of speaking with your children about water safety at a young age," it continued.

People took to the Facebook post to share their support for the officers:

"This amazing story and outcome just totally melts my heart! Fantastic job on everyone's part. I'm so glad little Paolo has made a full recovery and is doing so well," one person wrote. "Beautiful story, thank God for the police in Painesville!" another stated.

Chief Waterman stated, "They responded quickly, they worked excellently, made excellent decisions under pressure and they didn't hesitate for a moment to risk their own lives to save that child."

Thank you for being such incredible heroes!