Death Row Inmate Who Killed Man for $1 Bizarre Final Request | 22 Words

A death row inmate, who killed a man for just $1, has caused a stir with his utterly bizarre final request...

A request that has led him to file a lawsuit against prison officials.


Scroll on to find out just what the request is...

Now, although abolished in many countries, the death penalty is still retained in some parts of the world.


These countries include China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangledesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran and of course, the United States of America.

The death penalty has been a part of the US justice system for centuries...


And the penalty, which is often referred to as capital punishment, has been in action since approximately 1608... yep, it's really that old.

But it's not currently legal in every state.


And as the years have gone on, it's become more and more of a controversial and taboo subject.

Many U.S states have now abolished the death penalty for a number of reasons...


Including the risk factors of executing an innocent person, the fact it doesn't prevent future crimes, and the fact that it is both discriminatory and can be used politically, as per Amnesty.

Organizations such as Amnesty have been fighting for decades to have the death penalty abolished entirely and they have been trying to expose and hold to account governments that continue to use the punishment.

Many find the death penalty totally barbaric.


When questioned philosophically, it's difficult to justify the state killing its citizens.

Campaigners argued that many of those executed over the last few years were killed despite suffering from serious mental and physical illnesses...


Which should have rendered the death penalty an unconstitutional punishment.

And some states have made huge progress in this field.


History was made by Virginia being the first-ever southern state to abolish the death penalty. Other states which have abolished capital punishment include Alaska, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Washington.

People were overjoyed by the news, to say the least...


And many are even calling for the abolishment to be nationwide.

Virginia is now the twenty-third state to abolish the death penalty.


And many are hoping for other Southern states to follow suit.

While on death row, inmates are able to ask for a final request...


Most of which are met, though not always...

Recently, one Texas death row inmate, scheduled to be executed on this month, sued prison officials while demanding that his bizarre final request be met.


And people have a lot to say about it...

Death row inmate, John Henry Ramirez, a former Marine, has sued prison officials demanding that his final request be met.


Ramirez has been on Texas death row since 2009 and is current scheduled to be executed on September 8th.

Ramirez was put on death row after he was found guilty of the murder of Pablo Castro.

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He is said to have murdered Castro by stabbing him twenty-nine times with a serrated knife during a robbery in Corpus Christi that gained him $1.25 back in 2004.

Back in 2018, Ramirez spoke with the BBC in which he revealed that he and his accompaniments were driving around, taking drugs and drinking vodka on the night of the murder, as per the Daily Mail.

"I had stabbed him in the neck," Ramirez said during the interview. "There was like real aggressive gurgling sound. That's what kind of snapped me out of it, and I saw how hurt he was and he was bleeding everywhere. I was just like, 'Oh man. I went too far'."

After the murder, Ramirez fled to Mexico and lived on the run for 4 years...


But, eventually he was arrested at the Texas-Mexico border and convicted in 2009.

While on death row, Ramirez has already managed to dodge his execution date twice...


Once back in 2017, Ramirez missed the date so that he could receive a new attorney and then again, last year due of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And now, it looks like it could happen again...

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As Ramirez is suing prison officials with the demand that his last request is met.

As per the Daily Mail, in legal action filed last month, a judge was asked to allow Ramirez's request for his pastor to lay his hands on him as he dies.

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The laying of hands on a person by a religious leader is said, by Protestants, to confer a spiritual blessing.

The lawsuit is also said to claim that denying this religious gesture is a violation of Ramirez's first amendment right, the Daily Mail reports.

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Ramirez' is currently still scheduled for September 8th.

What do you think of his request? Should it be met?

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