UFood Truck Owner Shares How Much GrubHub Deducted From Earnings To Encourage People Not To Use Delivery Apps | 22 Words

These receipts have opened the internet's eyes...

Because right now, times are harder than ever.


Thanks to the global pandemic, millions of jobs and livelihoods have been either put on the line or completely destroyed in the last year.

So many businesses have had to close their doors for good due to the lack of income...


Resulting in a scarily high number of unemployment.

People all around the world have had to pick up temporary jobs in grocery stores and warehouses in order to make ends meet...

But one of the most in-demand jobs out there right now is, of course, a food delivery driver.

Ordering takeout food is more popular than ever...

And drivers for popular delivery services such as Uber Eats and DoorDash have found themselves working harder than ever during these turbulent times.

But just because they've been kept busy with non-stop orders...


Doesn't mean they're not struggling.

Many delivery drivers are paid a notoriously low wage by the companies they work for...


And often, they have to rely on tips to make ends meet - especially here in the United States.

Well, this harsh reality has just been outlined by an emotional and exhausted food truck owner ...


And his message has gotten people seriously talking.

"Stop believing you are supporting your community by ordering from a 3rd party delivery company."


"Out of almost $1,100 of orders. Your Restaurant you are trying to support receives not even $400.
It is almost enough to pay for the food."