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A Disney customer has come under serious fire this week after she refused to leave a tip in one of the park's restaurants...

The customer, who is an avid Disneyland visitor and blogger, wrote an apology on the bill that explained her blatant lack of tip...

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And, of course, it was quick to go viral.

Apparently, the cost of the meal was too expensive...

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And, therefore, a tip was simply out of the question.

Overpriced food at Disneyland probably won't come as much of a shock for most of us...

But people are seriously outraged as to why the customer didn't leave the obligatory tip for her waiter.

Now, the Disneyland mania started back in 1955.

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Nearly half of the United States' citizens gathered around their black-and-white television sets on July 17th as California's Disneyland was finally unveiled to the public.

The theme park was an instant success...

And, fast forward over sixty years, the park and all the other Disney locations remain as popular as ever today.

Visiting Disneyland remains on the bucket lists of millions...

With the attractions, the rides, and the sheer magic of the place, it really isn't difficult to see why Disneyland remains as one of the most sought after places on Earth.

It's a special destination for many...

People even get engaged here. Surely, there's no proposal more magical than one directly in front of the iconic Disneyland castle?

However, there's one thing slightly less magical about Disney's parks...

And that's the cost.

Disney and its parks have been notoriously expensive for years now...

And a Disney holiday is certain to set you back at least a couple of grand.

And their restaurants fare no better.

Enjoying a meal in one of Disneyland's many restaurants is certain to cost you an arm and a leg - because Mikey Mouse shaped waffles are so much more valuable than regular waffles, right?

Anyway, one customer evidently felt the repercussions of Disney's pricey menu...

And thus decided to skip on tipping the waiter as a result.

LJ Johnson, otherwise known as "smartmomsplandisney" on Instagram, is a mother of 5 who loves all things, you guessed it, Disney.

Her social media page is simply teeming with photos and videos from her numerous trips to the theme parks, where she gives advice on how to save money while still enjoying the Disney magic.

However, one of her recent money-saving methods caused a little bit of backlash.

While dining in one of the Disney restaurants, LJ paid for a pizza which, unbeknown to her, came with an "outrageous" price tag. But the image she shared of the receipt caused some major backlash from fellow Facebook users.

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via: Instagram

The pizza, which came with a topping of pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, and onions, was priced at an eyewatering $45.05.

She shared a photo of the receipt onto her Instagram, writing:

"Ok. I totally read the menu wrong, I had no idea I was ordering a $50 pizza."

Members still felt she was "selfish" and has behaved with "disgusting actions."

LJ hasn't publically responded to the backlash...

Though members of the group claim she did put up a quick video on her stories to try and justify her actions.

What do you think? Should she have still left a tip? Or did she have every right to leave one out considering the price of her food?