DNA Evidence Clears Man Who Spent 22 Years Insisting He Was Innocent of Murder | 22 Words

An Arkansas man jailed for over twenty years for a crime he didn't commit has been cleared following some shock DNA evidence.

Here's the full story...

​People have been left shocked over this story. 


"Innocent until proven guilty"...

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But despite this famous phrase, things don't always work out properly in the eyes of the law.

If the jury believes a person is guilty...

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That person will be sentenced and they will serve time behind bars.

But what if this person is actually innocent of the crime?

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Tragically, people have actually served real prison sentences in the past after being wrongfully convicted of the wrong crime.

And one of these people is Ledell Lee.

Who was tragically executed back in 2017 for a crime he didn't commit.

Hollman was arrested for murder back in 1993.

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Several witnesses claimed to have seen Lee entering Debra Reese's home, but no conclusive evidence was found.

Lee was convicted on the basis of eye-witnesses alone...

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And there wasn't any hard evidence to suggest that the man had committed the monstrous crime.

The prosecution hinged on witness testimony...

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And there have even been claims about a conflict of interest regarding the presiding judge.

But there's an even bigger tragedy to consider.

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The fact that Lee was executed for his crime back in 2017.

Before his execution, Lee told the BBC, "My dying words will always be, as it has been, I am an innocent man."

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And these latest findings suggest that is truly the case...

As new evidence has shown the murder weapon did not have Lee's DNA on it.

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In fact, there were fingerprints on it belonging to another individual.

It once more proves how inhumane and dangerous the death penalty really is.

Rest in peace to Ledell Lee and all those wrongly executed by this brutal system.