Can you find the sleeping cat? | 22 Words

The internet has been left divided over an optical illusion where some see a dog... and some see a creepy-looking clown.

Which can you see?

Another day, another optical illusion!

People are truly losing their minds over a photo that has surfaced online recently, and people can't decide whether it's a picture of a dog or a picture of a clown. Interesting...

Now, us pet owners love nothing more than taking endless pictures of our furry friends...

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And sometimes, things don't exactly go to plan behind the camera lens... which is usually caused by pets being difficultly unphotogenic!

Thanks to optical illusions...

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Our pets sometimes are left looking completely unrecognizable.

Take this dog, for example...

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Or these 2 dogs...?

Now, just look at the perfect timing of this one!

A light afternoon snack?

A young boy with a dog's head?

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Or just a young boy taking a nap with his best friend?

This is something you won't be unseeing for a while...

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This would be a great idea for some doggy fancy-dress!

What's going on here?

Does that dog have any legs or...?

These golden retrievers appear to have merged into one...

Best friends forever?

This one really puzzled us...

Can you see it yet?

Is this a crow?

Or a cat?

Can you find the sleeping cat?

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This might take you a few minutes... or a few hours...

This is one of our personal favorites...

Looks like this little pupper got himself stuck in a bubble!

But the most recent optical illusion really has people scratching their heads...

And people just can't decide whether they're seeing a dog... or a creepy-looking clown face.

Many think that they're simply seeing a dog...

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Easy, right?

But others started seeing other things...

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And they weren't pretty!

Many were seeing a creepy-looking clown...

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And they were expressing their confusion over the dog constantly shifting into a clown.

And some just saw a dog's body...

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With a human head.

I think it's time we revealed the picture for you to judge for yourselves...

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Are you ready?

Here it is:

Do you see an old-looking dog? Or a very creepy clown face? Make sure to keep on reading for more bizarre optical illusions...