Dog With Blue Eyes Finds Owner After No One Wanted Her | 22 Words

A veterinary nurse has posted a video on TikTok showing how the unwanted dog with the rarest of blue eyes she adopted is living her best life.

Tess Nolan, who has 11.1k followers on Instagram, recently shared a clip of her Boston terrier named Daphne who has black and white fur with beautiful blue eyes. She claims that she adopted Daphne because "no one wanted her."

"People thought she was weird because of her blue eyes," she wrote. "They thought she'd have health issues or she would go blind. She is perfectly healthy and the sweetest dog I have ever met."

The vet nurse has 179.4k followers on TikTok and reached 57,000 likes on her video.

Hundreds of viewers also left comments complimenting the dog and her caring owner who lives on Australia's Gold Coast.

One TikTok user wrote: "Who wouldn't want a dog with blue eyes??" While another person commented: "People are cold-hearted to not give this cutie a chance just because of a disability or problem that they may have but guys you are awesome for giving her a home."

"She's stunning", "I always love the unique ones", I have a Boston with a blue eye and people said this about him too. He's perfect as can be though," other people wrote.

Tes uses her social media to document the life of a vet nurse, and it seems like a dream!

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"Vet nurses heading into the clinic for a busy day of..." she embeds into one video and then shows how much love and affection she gets from the most adorable pups!

She also displays her feelings with the "don't talk to me" trend in regards to dog breeding for money.

But as far as Daphne's blue eyes go, indicates that: "Blue eyes do not indicate that your dog will eventually go blind, deaf or have any other genetic defects.

"Variation in pigmentation in the iris can occur for varying reasons, and doesn't necessarily point to health concerns."

However, it did add that: "The default eye color for dogs is brown. Genetics, pigmentation, and health issues can all play a role in altering the color of their eyes."

Well, we think Daphne is absolutely stunning and she has just proven yet again why the "Adopt Don't Shop" movement is more important than ever!