A few months ago, Michael Flynn, who briefly served as national security adviser for Trump, said at an event in Dallas that a Myanmar-style coup "should happen here." | 22 Words

Donald Trump is not ready to give up the spotlight just yet...

He's made claims that nobody did as much as he did for religion while he was President of the United States.

Donald Trump has made a lot of controversial statements lately... But is that any surprise?

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This time, he's boasted to a Christian TV Network about his achievements for religious communities...

In the interview on Flashpoint Trump, yet again, couldn't come to terms with his defeat...

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Even expressing how "destructive" Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, has been so far.

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Now, we're all well aware that Trump hasn't handled his election defeat too well.


From the moment Biden was confirmed as the winner on November 7th, Trump went on a Twitter rampage - spreading lies about how the election was "stolen" from him and how Biden was nothing but a fraud.

Trump's behavior online began to escalate to dangerous levels...


And the lies he was spreading to his followers ultimately caused the shocking scenes in Washington on January 6th.

After holding a "Save America" rally just a few miles away from the prestigious Capitol building, Trump encouraged his supporters to "take the election back" and "fight like hell"...


Which lead to thousands of them storming the Capitol and unleashing true havoc.

5 people, including 1 police officer, died on that day including hundreds of others being seriously injured.

People from all around the world were horrified by the violent scenes...

And thousands began calling on Trump to intervene and to tell his followers to back down... Which, of course, he refused to do along with refusing to take responsibility for the actions of the rioters.

This resulted in him being removed from Twitter and all other social media platforms for "inciting violence"...

And ever since, Trump has been painfully absent from all forms of social media.

Of course, we all know how much Trump loved running his mouth via social media...


So we can't imagine how much of a kick in the teeth this must have been for him.

The seventy-five-year-old was clearly in a huge sulk over his social media dismissal...

And when the day of Biden's inauguration arrived, Trump wasn't present - making him the first U.S president in decades to not attend the inauguration of his successor.

And of course, at any given opportunity, Trump has viciously torn into the president for how "bad" of a job he's been doing...


Including at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 28th, in which Trump well and truly grilled President Biden and his administration.

"We all knew that the Biden administration was going to be bad but none of us even imagined just how bad they would be and how far left they would go," he told the cheering crowd.

So, it's safe to say that in the world of U.S politics...


It's been an exhausting year so far and we've still got another 3 months left.

And it looks set to continue...

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As Trump is planning on making a comeback to the main stage very soon and it seems as though he's put everything on the line for it.

A few months ago, Michael Flynn, who briefly served as national security adviser for Trump, said at an event in Dallas that a Myanmar-style coup "should happen here."

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Of course, he quickly backtracked, claiming his words had been twisted.

"Let me be VERY CLEAR – There is NO reason whatsoever for any coup in America, and I do not and have not at any time called for any action of that sort.

"I am no stranger to media manipulating my words and therefore let me repeat my response to a question asked at the conference: There is no reason it should happen here," he clarified, in a post on Telegram.

Following that, CNN reporter Donie O'Sullivan tweeted about "talk of a Myanmar-style coup" among "some Trump supporters."

"Talk of a Myanmar-style coup in the United States has been popular among some Trump supporters and QAnon believers for months," he wrote.

To which he received a response from The New York Times' Maggie Haberman claiming Trump expects to be "reinstated" by August.

"Trump has been telling a number of people he's in contact with that he expects he will get reinstated by August (no that isn't how it works but simply sharing the information)," she wrote.

Well, it's October so we don't have to worry about that.

Trump's recent Labor Day message was a treat for everyone too.

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While the former president doesn't have social media, he does have an emailing list that has proved to be hilariously entertaining, but also concerning and his labor day message might be the most worrying of all...

Sending a brief, capitalized message out to his "Save America" Political Action Committee, he said this:


​"FIX 2020 FIRST!"

Short, sweet, and ineffective, just like all of his other feeble attempts at reclaiming the presidency.

The email was screenshotted and posted to Twitter. Have a look for yourselves:

Oh, but there's more...

In a recent interview with the Christian TV Network Flashpoint, Trump tried presenting himself as a samaritan of the United States.


But before he expressed just how much he's done for religion, he didn't hesitate in his slander toward Joe Biden.

Trump attacked Biden's ability to talk about subjects such as abortion and religion...

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"He's terrible on these subjects, and he lied. And just like they cheated on the election, the election was rigged, just like that happened they also cheated very much on what they really think of organized religion and religion and frankly Christianity," he said.

But, even if any of that were to be true, he doesn't look all too familiar with a Bible himself...

And what he said about himself had people in stitches...

So, what did Trump "do for religion"?

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He mentioned reinstating the Mexico City Policy, which blocked US federal funding for non-governmental organizations that provide abortion counseling or referrals, but President Joe Biden rescinded the policy in January.

He also expressed his disappointment with the Catholics and Jews who did not vote for him...

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Especially because of all the alleged hard work he's done for their communities.

And his statement definitely astounded people...


"Nobody has done more for Christianity or for evangelicals or for religion itself than I have," he said.

And if you want to see the interview yourself; take a look:

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