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Dr. Pepper is well known for bringing out limited edition (and sometimes controversial) flavors. But their latest launch has surprised everyone - by actually being delicious.

One brand has stepped up to the plate.

Dr. Pepper has launched their very own sugar free sodas.

Flavored sodas always get a lot of attention.

And there are always excellent seasonal options to choose from.

Over the years, we've had some classics.

Cinnamon Coca Cola is much missed by some.

And that's not all.

Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite is also gone but not forgotten.

But when it comes to limited-edition flavors, there's only one winner.

Dr. Pepper has made a name for itself as the premier brand for weird and wonderful twists on a classic.

This being one of the most controversial.

The elusive Birthday Cake flavor has been making the rounds online for quite some time - although it seems to currently only exist in PR and not for public purchase.

But the latest Dr Pepper launch has the internet excited.

Not least because it appears that this one is set to hit the shelves for customers - and sooner rather than later.

Although that's not the only reason.

People are also pretty thrilled because of the delicious flavors that' have been announced.

Oh, and there's something else.

These new flavors are all sugar free too!

The brand made the announcement on Twitter ...

And we can hardly wait ...

There's just one problem.

Trying to track down limited edition sodas is notoriously tricky - and we're sure this will be no exception.