Dust Mop Slippers Have Arrived To Make Cleaning Fun | 22 Words

Amazon has released the best cleaning hack we've ever seen. People are loving this new take on loungewear...

Now, this past year we've all gotten a little too comfy in our PJs...

I mean it's not like we had anything to dress up for, right?

Without a doubt, a good pair of slippers is the staple of any loungewear set...


But what if they doubled up as a floor cleaner?

Now cleaning isn't exactly fun...

But when you're spending every waking day inside, the mess can really start to build up.

You might feel like there's no end to the sweeping or mopping...


Well that's all about to change, because chenille dust mop slippers have gone viral.

And people are loving them...


Not only are they perfect for a quick clean-up or spillage...

They're pretty fun to skate around in.

Think about it...


You can clean and workout at the same time, the ultimate timesaver!

They're basically cleaning slippers, and you can wear them however you want. You can even put them over your shoes.


They cleans up dirt, dust, and even pet hair.

And if you're not feeling particularly energetic, you can simply walk around with a little shuffle...


They still manage to catch all the dust and dirt!

After you've finished, you can throw them in the washer and keep reusing them.


You can also put these over a mop head and use them all around the house.

And to make them even better, you can order 5 pairs in 5 different colors!


Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Pink.

And it's the perfect time to buy them because they are currently on sale on Amazon!

I'm ordering mine right now!

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