​Made of strong silicone material, they can be used for almost everything including pet food, cosmetics, and toys. | 22 Words

Does anyone else get that awful guilty feeling when you use any single-use plastic? I know I do, but for some things, it feels like there are no alternatives. You want to help the planet but you also don't want to bring big Tupperware containers around with you everywhere. It can be such a pain.

Well, we have found an amazing alternative to those tiny little ziplock bags. It's the perfect invention!

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These silicone reusable containers are the perfect alternative to those throw-away ziplock bags.


This set of 6 includes 2 large bags, 2 smaller bags, and 2 cup-shaped dishes. Made of food-grade silica gel, safe and free of BPA and PVC, they are suitable for infants and children and are very environment-friendly.

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You can store anything from vegetables to pasta in these. They even hold liquids, making them great vessels for carrying milk for your rushed breakfast at your desk. These reusable silica gel containers feature the latest upgraded zipper sealing technology, providing strong sealing performance and leakage protection without lids or accessories.

With a fixed bottom design, these user-friendly zipper bags can stand and stay upright, which is beyond imagination.


The circular interior and large opening design at the top make it easier to clean, fill, and help it dry in the air. Transparent containers allow you to have a quick look at the food inside and put together multiple items at the same time. They are great for children's lunches as they're easy enough for them to open and shut.

Made of strong silicone material, they can be used for almost everything including pet food, cosmetics, and toys.


Apart from storing and marinating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats, it can fry popcorn, mix salads, and even replace bowls and dishes at meals. The temperature resistance is -58℉~426℉ ( -50℃~220℃), meaning they can safely be used in the refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, and dishwasher.

Lightweight and compactable, they are convenient for travel and storage, so head over to Amazon right now to grab your pack of 6 today!