'Ellen DeGeneres Suggests Toxic Workplace Allegations Were 'Orchestrated' | 22 Words

A former "Ellen" employee has said the notorious TV host is "finally feeling the consequences" after "years of misconduct" in the wake of her announcing the end of The Ellen Show - but Ellen believes these allegations are "orchestrated"...

​Safe to say, there have been some strong reactions. 


It's clear that the last year of allegations have well and truly taken their toll on the infamous host.


Here's the full story...

For years now, rumors about Ellen DeGeneres' true personality have been rife.

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Though the television host has always appeared to have a warm and bubbly demeanor, her off-screen character is apparently a little less favorable.

Various stories that detail Ellen's "true character" have been circulating online in more recent times...

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Though she has built her on-screen persona around being outspoken against injustice and generous to the needy, many people have claimed that, in real life, she is quite the opposite.

Those who have met the star have claimed that she is nothing more than another power-hungry, self-centered celebrity.

Which is certainly a far cry from the relatable and humble TV host we all know and love... Or we thought we knew and loved.

Ellen loves nothing more than to befriend the rich and the powerful...

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Which, in itself, many believe should be a hint at her true personality and values.

And, in recent years, Ellen's image has been questioned more and more.

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Cracks have certainly begun to show, and rumors of the somewhat nastier personality behind the famous smiling blonde-haired, blue-eyed face have been intensifying.

Ellen's so-called mask has slowly been slipping...

Just take Dakota Johnson's painful appearance on The Ellen Show, for example, where the host rather childishly accused the actress of not inviting her to her Malibu birthday bash.

Dakota had in fact invited Ellen.

And when she challenged this, you could just see the panic in her eyes after being caught out. It makes for a cringe-worthy watch.

Evidently, people who know the host have been growing tired of her flawless persona...

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And, for many years now, a number of different former employees have been attempting to "expose" Ellen for who she truly is.

Exposing the rich and the famous will never get old...

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And this has certainly been no exception.

Twitter user, Kevin T. Porter, took to the social media platform last year with the task of exposing the famous Ellen DeGeneres.

And vowed to donate $2 per awful Ellen story to the LA foodbank.

It's a win-win, especially with the high volume of responses that he received.

We've collected a few of the best ones...

Ellen clearly doesn't care too much for writer's strikes.

This Twitter user came forward with the story about Ellen's head writer, Karen Kilgariff.

Karen was under Ellen's employment for 5 years until she took part in a writer's strike. Boom. Fired. And a word was never exchanged between the pair again.

More scandal regarding her treatment of staff.

This woman claimed her friend used to work as a writer on the show and, in the whole 2 years of her employment, Ellen didn't greet her once.

In fact, none of the staff were allowed to speak to the star of the show. Apparently.

Staff weren't even allowed in the same room as her.


Her veganism has certainly ruffled a few feathers in the past.

Now, this one won't surprise anyone.

For a colleague's birthday, Twitter user, Alison Freer, was celebrating with a BBQ outside of the Warner Bros studios where The Ellen Show is filmed.

However, Ellen was allegedly quick to shut down all the festivities by sending someone over to put a stop to the celebration, all because she doesn't eat meat. Not cool, Ellen.

Who could forget about the time she bullied Mariah Carey into admitting she was pregnant on The Ellen Show?

Okay, we all remember this one. In an episode that made us all want to claw our eyes out, an uncomfortable Mariah Carey was quizzed by Ellen on whether or not she was pregnant. And, when the singer wouldn't give an answer, Ellen wheeled out a bucket of champagne and pretty much forced a glass into her hand, stating, "Let's toast to you not being pregnant if you're not pregnant." Not your finest hour, Ellen.

She has a "sensitive nose," apparently.

And this highly sensitive nose apparently means that people working around her have to take extra care with their smell... Including chewing gum from a bowl outside her office before speaking to her.

Some members of staff have apparently even been asked to go home and shower. Now that's just rude.

And she apparently chooses someone new to "hate."

A staff member was allegedly once told that, while filming, Ellen will randomly "pick someone different to really hate" for no reason whatsoever.

Oh, and Ellen apparently hates her own fans.

And her own show! Who'd have thought it?

Okay, so the credibility behind these stories are a little questionable...

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Because there were literally hundreds of them.

But why would so many people come out to make up stories about one person? Food for thought.

But regardless of all the bad press, Ellen continued her daily talk show from the comfort of her own home during the pandemic which also ruffled a few feathers.

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Her crew were reportedly "furious" due to the lack of communication regarding their pay.

The main stage crew, comprised of roughly thirty people, were allegedly kept in the dark about issues like pay and working hours for over a month. They then reportedly found out Ellen hired an alternative tech company to help her broadcast daily from her home in California, meaning original crew members with the same skill set were suddenly out of work.

Crew members then reportedly found out they should expect a whopping sixty percent pay decrease.

While the show continued to air and bring in millions of dollars.

So many allegations of misconduct in the workplace have arisen over the past year...


The majority of which have sadly been brushed under the carpet and not dealt with properly.

But it seems as if Ellen's time on our screens is up...


As it was announced earlier this week that Ellen has made the decision to wrap up her show on its nineteenth season in 2022.

"When you're a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged — and as great as this show is, and as fun as it is, it's just not a challenge anymore," the host told the Hollywood Reporter, discussing the move publicly for the first time.

Ellen insisted that the allegations of workplace misconduct had nothing to do with her decision to call it quits...

But former employees who agreed to speak about the situation without their names being used for fear of repercussions in the entertainment industry told BuzzFeed News stories on allegations of behind-the-scenes sexual misconduct, racism, and intimidation took their toll on ratings and the desire to soldier on through the controversy.

"I think that she only came back to this past season because she probably had to [in order] to save face," one former employee said.


"The show took a tank. The ratings tanked for a lot of reasons - we had a pandemic - but they also tanked because she's unlikeable now and it definitely permeated the culture of how people feel about Ellen."

They continued:


"If the ratings were still phenomenal, if her ratings were wonderful and none of this stuff came out about the show, why wouldn't she sign on for another 5 years like Oprah and do twenty-five years? If none of this came out, she'd still be going strong, laughing all the way to the bank, and getting that daily applause."

Another former employee claimed this is a result of "consequence culture."


"I think this is 'consequence culture.' People are like, 'cancel culture,' but no, this is a consequence of somebody and an institution that got away with fostering a super unhealthy and toxic work environment for a really long time," they explained.

"I think they did all the right things to make it look like they were making changes — they fired some people, they gave tWitch an executive producer position because they didn't have a lot of diversity, and they made it look like they did all the right things, but it still wasn't enough. It all comes out in the wash at the end, and you realize this is really what she deserves and what the show deserves."

Now Ellen has hit back at the allegations.


"I really didn't understand it, I still don't understand it … it was too orchestrated, it was too coordinated," she said.

"People get picked on, but for four months straight?"


"For me to read in the press about a toxic environment when all I've ever heard from every guest that comes on the show is what a happy atmosphere it is and what a happy place it is…"

"I don't know how I could have known when there's 225 employees here and there are a lot of different buildings."

"Unless I actually stayed here until that last person goes home at night."

"It's my name on the show, so clearly it affects me, and I have to be the one to stand up and say this can't be tolerated."

"It started with attacks on me and attacking everything that I stand for and believe in and built my career around … I am a kind person. I am a person who likes to make people happy."

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