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Elon Musk's mom has come to sing his praises in a recent interview...

However, she also revealed that she had some doubts about what the future held for her son...


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Now, we're all pretty much aware that Elon Musk is one hell of a success story.


But the entrepreneur has never been too far from controversy throughout his money-making schemes.

Who remembers Tesla's Cybertruck disaster?

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In one of the most memorable moments in the company's history, Musk claimed that their new state-of-the-art Cybertruck was 100 percent unbreakable.

He was so confident in this belief that, at the unveiling event, Musk ordered Tesla's design chief, Franz von Holshausen, to throw a ball at the Cybertrucks window.

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And it didn't pan out as well as he hoped...

The rock completely shattered the first window.

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And, when Musk demanded that von Holshausen throw a second rock, the same thing happened again.

"It worked in rehearsals..."

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As Musk attempted to laugh off the embarrassing blunder, viewers from all over the world couldn't help but cringe at his confidence.

Inevitably, the incident led to people mocking Tesla...

And Musk himself received a lot of criticism for the bizarre car design alone.

Not that Musk seemed to care.

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In fact, the Cybertruck sales boomed following the incident so, it's safe to say, the entrepreneur bounced back pretty quickly once the checks started rolling in.

But, putting smashed up Cybertrucks to one side, many aspects of Musk's personal life has wound up in the headlines, too.

In May last year, Musk welcomed a baby boy with his girlfriend, Canadian DJ, Grimes.

But, of course, this unconventional couple were never going to christen their child with a conventional name...

Shortly after the birth, Musk took to Twitter to announce that his child was named "X Æ A-12 Musk."

People hoped it was a joke...

But, of course, it wasn't.

And, just to add even more flames to fire...

Grimes then revealed that baby X Æ A-12 would be raised gender neutral, despite Musk repeatedly referring to his son as "he."

Evidently, Musk isn't on board with the whole idea of being gender-neutral...

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And things got slightly worse as he elaborated further on his stance on the use of pronouns - a controversial move he will probably be regretting right now.

Musk was responding to an article criticizing him for sharing a meme earlier this week deriding people who display their pronouns in online bios...

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A gesture meant to show support for people whose gender identities are different from those they were given at birth.

However, the Twitter community was not impressed with his snippy reply...

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And, as a result, he was flooded with a wave of criticism, with many pointing out the overtly unconventional name he had given his own child.

Yep, safe to say...

People weren't happy.

But despite all of the controversy surrounding the businessman, he still remains one of the richest people in the world.


At one point, he even dethroned Jeff Bezos and even though the victory was short lived, at least he can say he did it.

It's one hell of an achievement.


Musk is now worth a whopping 185 billion dollars.

And it seems as though his mom has always known this would happen to her son.


In an interview with CBS Your Morning, she revealed that she knew her son would be destined for greatness from as young as 3-years-old.

She elaborated that all of her children discovered their passions pretty early on.


​However, Maye Musk also told hosts Gayle King and Anthony Mason this: "At 3, I knew [Elon] was a genius but you still don't know if he's going to do great things because many geniuses just end up in a basement being a genius but not applying it."

She continued talking about some experiences that defined his life, including the moment he developed a computer game when he was only twelve.


And then later, he went onto achieve even greater things.

"I was so excited when he started Zip2..."


"Because it just made life easier with door-to-door directions, and then newspapers could have a link that took you to a restaurant," Maye recalled. "I know that's common now, but that was highly unusual and people didn't believe that's possible. So that's why I invested in that at the very beginning — although I didn't have much money."

She also added this:


"Then he thought the banking system needed some help, so he did PayPal. Then after that, he said, 'Well, should he do space research or solar energy or electric cars?' And I said, 'Just choose one,' and, of course, he didn't listen to me."

But it was precisely the fact that he took those risks that made him the man he is today.


And of course, his mother couldn't be anything but happy for him and the rest of her children too.

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