Elon Musk Says 'People Will Die' During Voyages to Mars | 22 Words

Over the weekend, Elon Musk gave his brutally honest prediction as to what Space X's first voyages to Mars hold for its brave volunteers.

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Now, speculation and mystery have surrounded our red-tinted neighbor for decades.

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The planet, which is 4th in line from the Sun, has long been one of the favorites of the entire solar system.

But why?

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What's so special about this red-colored planet?

Well, it turns out that Mars has more in common with our own planet, Earth, than any other planet in the solar system.

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Earth and Mars are remarkably similar in so many ways - in stark comparison to the barren surrounding planets, Mars has snow, it has mountains, it has lake beds, and it has recognizable landscapes.

So of course, it makes the perfect setting for human settlement.

Mars One, the highly-publicized and somewhat controversial mission to eventually move man onto Mars, states: "Mars is the stepping stone of the human race on its voyage into the universe. Human settlement on Mars will aid our understanding of the origins of the solar system, the origins of life, and our place in the universe."

They believe Mars is the future of space travel.

"As with the Apollo Moon landings, a human mission to Mars will inspire generations to believe that all things are possible, anything can be achieved."

But Mars One isn't the only company keen to move humans onto Mars...

Elon Musk's very own aerospace company, SpaceX, has been working tirelessly to colonize Mars and to ultimately make it habitable for mankind.

SpaceX has achieved an awful lot...

In August last year, the company made history after it sent 2 astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) and back again - a first for any private company outside of NASA.

But Musk is an avid space-travel enthusiast...


And has invested billions into his SpaceX program in a bid to get man to Mars before anyone else.

Last year, the company offered an insight into their Mars colony vision...

Where they explained that Mars will be a "free planet" that "isn't governed by Earth laws."

Under a section titled "Governing Law," the company laid out its plans for laws on the planet...

Saying it will rely on its own "self-governing principles," which will be set up when the time comes.

The section reads:

"For services provided on Mars, or in transit to Mars via Starship or other spacecraft, the parties recognize Mars as a free planet and that no Earth-based government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities. Accordingly, disputes will be settled through self-governing principles, established in good faith, at the time of the Martian settlement."

Musk later elaborated on how humans will live on Mars, explaining on Twitter that glass domes will be used to terraform life.

"Life in glass domes at first. Eventually, terraformed to support life, like Earth."

He continued:

"Terraforming will be too slow to be relevant in our lifetime. However, we can establish a human base their [sic] in our lifetime. At least a future spacefaring civilization - discovering our ruins - will be impressed humans got that far."

It all sounds totally and utterly bonkers, doesn't it?


Well, wait until you hear about his predicted mortality rate.

As stated earlier, Musk made some wild predictions about SpaceX's initial voyages during an interview with Peter Diamandis over the weekend.

He explained that he has high hopes to get humans on Mars by 2026 – 7 whole years before NASA aims to send their astronauts.

However, he warned that the journey there will be treacherous.

He warned:


"Going to Mars reads like that advert for Shackleton going to the Antarctic. You know it is dangerous, it's uncomfortable and it's a long journey."

But, according to Musk, the journey will be remarkable enough to be "worth it"...


​Despite some passengers being guaranteed to die along the way.

Quite nonchalantly, he noted:


"You might not come back alive but it is a glorious adventure and it will be an amazing experience."

"Yeah, honestly a bunch of people will probably die in the beginning."


"It's tough going over there."

You don't say?

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