Woman Cringing After Making Mortifying Comment at Checkout | 22 Words

No matter how cool you feel you are, not one of us is immune to an embarrassing moment. Sometimes your mouth just speaks before your brain can properly engage. But one woman, who shared hers on the Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, may just win the award for the worst yet. People on the internet cannot stop laughing - and cringing!

It all started during a trip to the store. The woman in question was making a playful joke with the cashier - before she realized the contents of her basket gave her joke a rather more... suggestive meaning. After realizing her mistake, she thinks she can never go back to the store for fear of seeing that same cashier once more ...

"Bloke in front of me had a shed load of booze in his trolley. The friendly cashier asks, 'having a party sir?'" she wrote. "Upon my purchase of a mini bottle of prosecco I pipe up 'I'm having a party too! Woohoo!' Then realize I have one other item in my basket... a cucumber... The friendly cashier looks at me, I look at him, then I, predictably, get a massive laugh attack and can hardly breathe to pay the poor man. RIP my time at Lidl [UK store]."

The post quickly captured the attention of the Facebook group, with hundreds of likes and comments. Many were experiencing serious second-hand embarrassment - but others were just hysterically laughing over the hilarious incident.

"I just read that in a restaurant and now cannot stop laughing. It's the gift that keeps on giving…" one Facebook commenter laughed.

A second reassured the original poster, saying: "As a cashier, we love customers like you! You're definitely going to be more than welcome back! So few customers have a wicked sense of humor ..."

Another agreed, adding: "That's so funny at least you have given everyone an unforgettable shopping experience lol."

While a fourth rather cheekily suggested: "Enjoy your party!"

Have you ever had an embarrassing encounter at a store? And how did you cope - did you bravely laugh it off, or cringe eternally?