Employee Walks Away From Teens Igniting Fireworks | 22 Words

A store employee has been captured on camera nonchalantly walking away from teenagers as they were lighting fireworks and starting a fire.

The incident happened in a Hy-Vee grocery store in Eagan, Minnesota.

The footage, taken before emergency services arrived, showed the store employee casually looking at the flames as the sound of fireworks can be heard.

The employee then films the fire for just a few seconds before turning to walk in the opposite direction. He makes no effort to walk away quickly and it even looks as if he is smiling at someone.

After the video was shared online, many people took to social media to sympathize with the worker and disagree with those claiming he should have done more to help.

"No way in hell he should try and stop that fire while making minimum wage with no insurance. I love that he obviously found it hilarious though," said one Twitter user.

"People being mad at the employee walking away have probably never worked in retail... We don't get paid enough to deal with that lol," tweeted another.

"Dude absolutely did the right thing. His job is to stock shelves and tell people what isle the soap is in. He is not a fire fighter and most fire fighters will tell you that trying to be a hero is the absolute worst thing to do in most situations," wrote a third.

People also criticised the store for selling fireworks in the first place.

"They shouldn't be selling fireworks indoors and honestly I don't think fireworks should be sold to consumers at all. They are dangerous, they screw with wildlife, they cause wild fires and maim drunk people celebrating July 4th and January 1st every year," said one person.

As per LadBible, Aaron Machtemes, a spokesperson for the Eagan Police Department, confirmed that emergency services arrived on the scene with firefighters putting out the flames. Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire.

Three teenager boys, aged fourteen, fifteen and sixteen, were arrested but later released. They have not been charged for the incident.