Ex-Girlfriend Sends Message After He Wins Olympic Bronze | 22 Words

This week, Kiwi athlete Hayden Wilde won New Zealand's first medal at the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. He won the bronze medal men's individual triathlon event on Monday, June 26th. But that isn't the only accolade he's received... as something rather cringey has dominated headlines following his win.

Following the impressive victory, news stations took to the crowds gathered in Wilde's hometown of Whakatāne in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty region. They were keen to grab interview snippets from the excited supporters of Wilde - but one news station got a little more than they bargained for.

1News managed to stumble across a woman in the crowd who had a surprising past connection to the athlete. In fact, she claimed she used to date Wilde back in the day - and offered a rather unexpected message. The station asked her what she'd say to Wilde if she had the chance, and she simply exclaimed, "I regret breaking up with you!" Awkward!

The woman and her group of girlfriends proceeded to burst out in uncontrollable laughter. The woman then appeared to slightly backtrack on her comments and instead said she'd like to pass on a message to Wilde that she's "so proud."

"Just all the work he's obviously done to get there is amazing. I went to primary school with him and he's grown so much and I'm real proud." So, it seems that the pair's past romance might have been in the very distant past.

What makes this story all the more awkward is that it seems as though Wilde is now firmly off the market. In the interview following his victory, he was asked what his plans were to celebrate. "I think I'll just be calling my girlfriend who's actually in Spain at the moment," he said. "She was up in the early hours of the morning watching the race."

We wonder how she'll feel about the ex crawling out of the woodwork following her boo's Olympic success!

The controversial clip sparked a fair amount of debate online. Some were doubting the ex-girlfriend's intentions, with one Facebook user joking, "Oh I see, she misses him now that he's an Olympic medallist. Must be just a coincidence lol." Another took the critique a step further, writing, "See, he's only an 'accessory,' she thinks she will look good with him under her arm on a FB status to all friends. Typical. They don't love them for who they are it's for what they've got! I see some of the hottest women with the gronkyest guys ever."

Others online praised Wilde for moving forward from his past breakup, commenting that, "Success is the only payback." But our winning comment has to be the genius, "She is such a bronze digger!"

Huge congratulations to Wilde and all those living out their Olympic dreams this summer!