People Are Using Fake Spilled Food To Save Their Seats | 22 Words

There's nothing worse than getting comfy on your seat in a public place, then realizing with horror that you're going to have to move. Whether you need a bathroom break or step outside for a moment, giving up your seat can be a difficult prospect to consider.

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But one viral Amazon product looks set to change all that. TikTok has been spreading the word about these ingenious seat savers - and we're adding to our cart as we speak!

Here's where it all began.


##stitch with @cleoabram another one 😙 inspired by @idaarianna ##seatsaver ##funny ##lucyhamiltonathome

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese

A video prompt on TikTok asked users their best inexpensive purchase - and people began to reveal their secrets ...

And it seemed as though many people on the internet were in on this.


##stitch with @cleoabram Tbh I haven’t used it once🤣 ##seatsaver ##fyp ##foryou ##sinulle

♬ SUNNY DAY - Matteo Rossanese

We just couldn't believe we'd never heard of it before!

Yep, you can buy these fake spill seat savers on Amazon - and it looks like a total game-changer.


​"Ho-ly cow! This looks so real! Gave it as a hostess gift. When I walked in, I set it on a white couch. People were horrified that someone could be so careless until they realized it was a joke. Then they ran around trying to fill anyone who hadn't seen it yet. Great fun! It arrives very well wrapped. A little pricey for a gag but well worth it," writes one rave reviewer.

"The package just now arrived, and unfortunately, the cup had spilled and left a mess inside the cardboard box. This is perfect! I'm going to have fun with this," added another jokester.


Tempted? You can purchase your very own right here!