Texas Farmer Finds 5 Abandoned Migrant Girls Crying and Hungry On His Land | 22 Words

After seeing a huge surge of migrants entering the U.S in the last few months, a farmer has gone viral for pointing out the true victims of the border crisis...

​Now, many would argue that our country is set to experience one of its worst migrant crises in decades. 


Since April 2020, the number of migrants being stopped at the U.S.-Mexico border has been steadily rising.

Under a public health order issued by Trump, Title 42, the Biden administration has been rapidly denying most single adults and families entry into the country.

With obviously devastating results...

However, the order has been allowing teenagers and children to stay...


And they have been arriving in ever larger numbers.

As of Sunday, March 14th, more than 4,000 migrant children were being held by the Border Patrol custody...


Including at least 3,000 being held in custody longer than the seventy-two-hour limit set by a court order, a U.S. official told AP.

The number of children crossing by themselves, mostly from Central America, appears to be surging in particular in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.


The Border Patrol took in 280 there alone on one day.

As a result of this, President Biden has been put in a difficult position.


Biden labels the detention of migrants as a "moral failing and a national shame."

He promises to "welcome immigrants in our communities" on his official website.

But this has left many feeling confused and somewhat frustrated with the current situation at the border.

He has been slammed by Republicans for what they view as an encouragement to illegal border crossers...


And has even been criticized by some Democrats over what they see as the prolonged detention of minors.

Former President Donald Trump then waded into the equation, telling Fox News that the crisis was "destroying our country."


"It is a crisis like we have rarely had and certainly we have never had on the border."

"But it is going to get much worse."

"What we are seeing now is very bad - record numbers."

Then Biden addressed the issue.


Speaking to ABC News a few weeks ago, the president was grilled on the ongoing migrant crisis by George Stephanopoulos.

Biden first denied that he should have anticipated the surge in migrants...


Saying that he had instead sought to phase out Donald Trump's hardline immigration policies and embrace a more "humane" approach.

He then pointed out that there had been migrant surges in the past...


"First of all, there was a surge in the last 2 years. In '19 and '20, there was a surge, as well."

Stephanopoulos then noted, "This one might be worse," before Biden acknowledged, "Well, it could be."

But he then added, "Here's the deal: we are sending back people."


"The idea that Joe Biden said: 'Come' - because I heard the other day that they're coming because they know I'm a nice guy... Here's the deal, they're not."

"I can say quite clearly: Don't come over. Don't leave your town or city or community."


And just a few weeks after he made such a bold statement, it seems as though it hasn't had the impact he wanted as more and more migrants continue to cross the border and into the country.

The latest surge has seen an influx of people from Guatemala and Honduras.


And one farmer from Texas has gone viral this week for experiencing the crisis first-hand.

Jimmy Hobbs, a seventy-five-year-old farmer, made a devastating discovery in Quemado, Texas.


Of 5 abandoned little girls aged between 7 and eleven months.

They were from Honduras and Guatemala.


And were reportedly hungry and crying.

The girls are now at Uvalde Station, where they'll be processed.


After which they'll be given to Health and Human Services.

"If this doesn't make you mad and make you want to take to the streets, I don't know what will. They have no mother, no father, no nothing."

"These children dumped out on the side of the river here on our farm."

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