The bill, named HB113, has also been passed in hopes of increasing responsibility... | 22 Words

Biological fathers will now have to pay for half the upfront costs for childbirth according to the new Utah bill...

It's about time, right?


Here's the full story...

Now, for most parents, bringing a new baby into the world is the most exciting time...


It's also incredibly expensive.

The exact costs of childbirth can range anywhere in between $4,000 – $20,000...


This also depends on whether or not the patient has health insurance.

But now, biological fathers have to help with the costs, as they should...


Utah has passed a bill that means biological fathers will have to pay for half the upfront costs.

This also means that biological fathers will not have to pay for abortions they don't consent to...


Unless the pregnancy was a result of r*pe, or the mother's life is in danger.

The bill, named HB113, has also been passed in hopes of increasing responsibility...


"For men in the bringing of life into the world."

And people think it should have been rolled out years ago...


The new law was introduced as being "pro-life," when it was signed on Tuesday...


In a bid to give mothers financial support, as per the Salt Lake Tribune.

And when it's unclear as to whether a man is the biological father...


They will not have to pay any money towards the pregnancy until they are proven to be the father.

The bill was sponsored by Republican representative Brady Brammer and senator Daniel McCay.


However, it was opposed by Democrats in the House, who worried it might cause harm to women going through abusive relationships.

However, the law will function in a similar way to how child support laws already work.


One of those concerned was Democrat senator Luz Escamilla, who asked about payments from abusive partners. She later voted to pass the bill, saying it would "not open any doors for anything that could put a survivor of domestic violence in any fear."

To protect vulnerable mothers, child support will be collected by the Office of Recovery Services.


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