Fearless Driver Who Fought Off Armed Robbers as Van Was Sprayed With Bullets Speaks Out | 22 Words

The fearless security guard who fought off armed robbers as the van he was driving was sprayed with bullets has spoken out...

Explaining that he just "did what was expected" of him.


The shocking footage went viral over weekend after being shared online.

The internet has been left horrified over the incident.Β 

But very impressed by how the driver handled it.

The shocking incident that was captured on dashcam footage occurred in South Africa.

Ex-police snipper, Leo Prinsloo, and his colleague came under attack while escorting high-value cargo.

In the footage, Prinsloo, who was driving, and his colleague can be seen traveling in an unmarked armored Toyota Land Cruiser.


The 2 cars of attempted armed-robbers first ram into the side of the truck, while Prinsloo tries to drive away.

The armed robbers then open fire at the vehicle shattering the driver's side window.


Prinsloo remains calm, while trying to drive away from the situation as his colleague prepares his gun.

Eventually, the pair get out of the dangerous situation.

With both passengers seemingly unharmed.

As per the Daily Mail, a friend of Prinsloo's said: "Leo got fed up with the one-way traffic of bullets and hit the brakes and told his colleague to hand him an automatic rifle, released his seat belt and got out."

"He had enough of being a sitting duck and decided to take the fight to the armed robbers and was not going to go down without a fight. He is an expert shot and wanted to give a little bit back."

"When they saw Leo get out with his automatic rifle in a bulletproof vest and kneeling down to take aim they decided they had had enough and gave it up and the two cars made their escape," they continued.

"You can see from the dashcam that from start to finish he hardly bats an eyelid but is constantly aware of where they are and doesn't flinch when they open fire on him and does his job perfectly"

And now, Prinsloo has spoke out.

"I cannot say much as an investigation is underway but I and my fellow guard did what was expected of us," he told the Daily Mail.

"They needed to take us out so they could take out the cargo vehicle."

"But there was no way I was going to let that happen and unfortunately I did not have a chance to return fire."

A police spokesman, Brigadier Vish Naidoo, also added: "The suspects in two cars fired many shots at a security vehicle in a convoy in an attempt to stop it during a high-speed chase in Pretoria."

"The driver of the vehicle managed to evade the robbers but later stopped and got out to wait for the robbers but they fled instead."

No arrest have currently been made, but the investigation is on-going.

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