Fed-Up Dad Picks Up Dramatic Daughter Like Shopping Bag | 22 Words

A dad has gone viral after a video of him dealing with his daughter having a tantrum blew up online...

Being a parent can be hard work, especially when your child is acting up, and one dad has been filmed dealing with his "dramatic daughter" in the best way...

The now-viral video shared by Moxi Moments to TikTok has since gained 6.7 million views, and it's pretty clear to see why...

There's little context on what happened for the daughter to be lying on the floor in an apparent tantrum, but whatever the reason, it made for some hilarious content.

The video was captioned: "This father has no time for drama."

In the video, the dad of the young girl parks the car in the driveway. He gathers together some of his shopping bags from the vehicle. Then he goes right ahead and scoops up his daughter who lay totally still and completely stretched out on the floor.

We've all been there.

Without hesitation, the dad picked up his daughter by her jacket and carried her up the stairs just like another shopping bag.

What makes it even funnier is that she remained absolutely still throughout the whole ordeal, which makes us think this has happened more than once. The dad was obviously unimpressed by her dramatic stunt, but remained calm and dealt with it in the best way. That's A+ parenting right there.

Social media users have been sharing their opinions of the video online...

One Facebook user wrote: "It's dangerous to be laying on the ground near a car on a rise, I don't see anything wrong with getting the child who was not engaging, inside to have a rest and get themselves together. Dad's multi-tasking good job dad."

While another commented: "I did the same thing 10 years ago. Daughter 2/3 years old went running to the road. I caught her as she got to the mailbox. Once I grabbed her shirt she Just went limp screaming to the ground complete tantrum on the side of the county road 30 minutes from town. I tuck the toddler under my arm and start walking back to my house." She added: "I'm sure some busybody is going to say you shouldn't how could you. And report him. I feel his pain. Tired and don't have time for the bs. Go inside where it's safe to throw your tantrum."

"Ha! I carried one of my tantruming kids out of a pumpkin patch under my arm like a surfboard one time." A third wrote.

It's clear to see we've all been there, whether you've been the father or the kid in the situation, but no matter how hard parenting gets, it's hilarious moments like these that make it all worthwhile.