Only 1 in 100 People Can Find the Animal in This Picture | 22 Words

An optical illusion recently broke the internet and sparked heated debates about the supposed animal appearing in it.

Apparently, only 1 percent of people could even spot an animal on it. Are you one of those people?

The simple picture of black and white is certainly challenging for our brain, not to mention it makes you a little dizzy if you look at it for too long.

It's a perfect example of the McCollough effect that tricks the brain to see a pinkish tinge after staring at black and white lines. The effect is actually scientifically proven and this picture definitely proves it!

The McCollough effect is triggered when you stare at black and white lines or two-colored "induction images" for a couple of minutes. Look at the picture for a few minutes and we bet you'll see a green or pink tinge over the picture...

If you tilt your head for ninety degrees, the effect can either be heightened or lessened too. The longer you stare at it, the longer the effect will last. Try it!

Ilja Klemencov

Named after Celeste McCollough Howard, the woman who discovered it, the so-called "contingent aftereffect" is an illusion that tricks your brain into seeing things that are not there.

She conducted research in Canada into the perceptual effects of wearing spectacles tinted with two colors. This led to her covering discovering the effect known now as the 'McCollough effect'.

The effect is certainly popular among Twitter fans who are willing to share research that's helped them understand the science behind the crazy...

According to studies, the effect is processed in the visual cortex between the brain and eyes.

Other studies have looked at how prevalent the effect is, finding that if the image was green, the vertical grates will be red while the horizontal ones will remain green. Weird right?

So, we might not know much as of yet, but we do know that it has something to do with the visual cortex and tricks the brain one way or another...

Either way, it's a fun game to play!

So, tell us what you see in the comments!