Woman 'Shamed' for Her Outfit by Flight Attendant | 22 Words

It seems that wherever women go, there's always someone who feels the need to make an uninvited comment about them. And when it comes to the clothes they wear, things can be particularly problematic. One woman has shared a particularly shocking story this week - and the internet is up in arms about it.

@sierrasteadman ive never felt more degraded, ashamed, embarrassed, angry or sad. F ALASKA AIRLINES!!!!!!! #fyp
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TikToker Sierra Steadman shared a controversial video claiming her experience on an Alaska Airlines flight had made her "degraded, ashamed, embarrassed, angry, [and] sad." She claims her outfit of a hoodie, baggy shorts, and a black crop top caused flight attendants to threaten to remove her from the flight completely.

In an emotional series of videos she shared on her page, Sierra tells the story of what happened. "When the flight attendant s1uT shames you in front of the whole plane and threatens to kick you off for what you're wearing," she begins. She goes on to say: "When I tried to walk away from her because she was screaming in my face and grabbed my arm."

Many have spoken out in support of the passenger. One Facebook user wrote: "I have seen first hand how horrible the attendants have been treating the passengers. Nothing directed at me personally but other passengers yes. Kindness and common sense seem to be a page that ripped out of the teachers manual lately."

Another added: "Live and let live. Shaming someone for how they feel in a situation or how someone else made them feel is just ridiculous. This world and the judgemental people in it disgust me."

However, some others thought Sierra had been a little bit too sensitive in this instance. "Clearly this flight attendant was having a bad day and you did the right thing to report it to the airlines. Time to get over it and move on. NOT the worst thing in life," one person wrote.

Another took things a step further, saying: "I actually hate young people and how sensitive they've become these days. They will cry about anything for a bit of attention."

Others still questioned whether the choice of outfit was truly appropriate. "It's not a crop top. It looks like an exercise bra. The shorts look like boxers. Beautiful, young girl. Got it. How about dressing appropriately? I'm not saying a suit etc but come on, THAT'S what you wear? If it happened, it isn't right. At least she's getting her 15 minutes of social media fame, right?!" wrote one angry Facebooker.

Sierra's mom did reach out to the airline following the incident, and received this response: "Alaska strives to provide exceptional service to our customers. From what you have shared, it is apparent that we have failed. You and your daughter should expect nothing less than to be treated with the utmost respect, compassion, and care. It is truly disappointing to hear that you both did not feel that way during boarding and during the interactions with our flight attendant. We want to assure you that we take these matters very seriously and have shared your concern with our Inflight Management team that will conduct an internal investigation. Due to privacy concerns, we will not be able to disclose any findings, but can guarantee you that this will be reviewed."

What do you think of this story? Was Sierra's outfit inappropriate?