Fred Durst Has Undergone a Huge Rebrand | 22 Words

Limp Bizkit's frontman Fred Durst has shocked fans after revealing he has undergone a huge rebrand.

After deleting all his previous Instagram posts, Durst took to the platform to debut his radical new look with a single selfie.

In the picture, Durst showed off his long and lighter-colored hair and a new handlebar mustache, quite the change from the usual distinctive goatee and backward baseball that he rocked for the large proportion of his band's career.

Alongside the picture, Durst wrote the caption: "Thinking about you 70." Adding an emoji of a flying saucer at the end.

As part of his Instagram rebrand, Durst has also changed his profile bio to now read: "You're confused? Classic."

After seeing the picture online, fans and even celebrities have been taken aback by Durst's dramatic new look.

Comedian Sean O'Connor took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the rebrand, tweeting: "Fred Durst looks like he's got into flipping houses on HGTV."

"Making jokes to his guy friends like, "Your Bizkit would be Limp too if you were married to *my* wife," he also added in a thread.

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Fans also shared their thoughts on the make-over as they took to his Instagram, writing: "Damn silver fox."

"Anyone else see a little bit of a Bon Jovi resemblance?" one person asked.

"Shit, I thought Richard Gere popped up from outta nowhere," said another. "Well let me tell ya something brother . That's a nice, HULKAMANIAC worthy moostaché," added a third.

Others, meanwhile, speculated that Durst's new hair may just be a wig.

"I wonder what that wig smells like," one person questioned.

Durst, along with his bandmates, Wes Borland, Sam Rivers, John Otto, and DJ Lethal, formed Limp Bizkit back in 1994 and have been a huge part of the mainstream music scene in 1999.

It is not known whether Durst's new look is for a role, a gag or, is just a rebrand... Either way, we like it! What do you think of his new look?