Gay Couple Who Fell in Love After Both Trying To 'Pray Away the Gay' Welcome Triplets | 22 Words

2 new dads, who were raised to believe that homosexuality was a sin, have revealed their beautiful story of acceptance...

We live in a world where some wonderful things can happen.

Most of it thanks to mother nature.

Becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts...

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But it isn't easy.

It's an incredible moment for the families involved.

After waiting 9 months they finally get their own bundle of joy.

And fortunately in today's day in age, pretty much anybody can have a baby.

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Thanks to the technological advances in IVF, couples who can't conceive naturally, and who would once have had to admit defeat, can now have families of their own.

There is now an array of different conception methods for struggling couples...

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But by far the most talked-about is surrogacy.

Now, what exactly is surrogacy?

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Surrogacy is an agreement wherein a woman agrees to carry and birth a baby for another person or couple.

A couples' fertilized embryos are implanted into the surrogate...

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And, from there, the baby will grow and be born from this other woman.

Obviously, agreeing to become a surrogate for someone is a huge commitment...

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A surrogate will have to put her body through the journey of pregnancy (and the trauma of labor, of course) for someone else's happiness and fulfillment... So, it isn't a decision to be taken lightly.

Most couples choose someone they know to be a surrogate...

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Or they will select a volunteer, who will be paid a generous amount for their commitment.

Thirty-year-old Jake Taylor-Baumann, and twenty-seven-year-old Sean Taylor-Baumann, are the latest couple to share their story of surrogacy.

The couple, who were raised to believe that homosexuality was a sin, have shared their story of becoming dads for the first time...

Jake and Sean were both raised Mormon and admitted they tried to "pray the gay away" after discovering their attraction to men.

The pair met on Grindr in 2012 and became friends initially to help each other "work through the gay thing" and find "understanding wives" so they could stay in the church.

However, things didn't exactly go to plan...

The couple has now been together for 9 years after leaving the church and starting a family with the help of a surrogate.

Jake said:

"I knew that I was gay from a very young age and was so terrified of that temptation and 'acting on those feelings.' When Sean and I met on Grindr, we had never come out to anyone in real life.

"We were on the app with secret aliases and met up with the intention to help each other through the gay thing. We thought if we found understanding wives, we would be able to make life within the church work.

"Quickly, we realized that our friendship was more than that and we fell in love pretty fast becoming each other's very first boyfriends."

Coming out to their families was hard, but thankfully they were met with acceptance. 

"Initially it was tough for our families when we came out to them," Jake said. "Luckily, they are incredible people and could see how truly happy we were finding each other.

"It didn't take long for them to embrace what they didn't understand and accept our authentic selves."

The couple married in September 2016, and they always dreamt of starting a family.

They looked into adoption but eventually decided on surrogacy. Unfortunately, they lost their first baby at twelve weeks, so they made the decision to switch surrogates.

Jake continued: "That was a heart-breaking moment because we always envisioned getting toward our family with that sweet woman."

The couple was introduced to thirty-two-year-old Heather, who became their surrogate. She was implanted with 2 embryos and to the couple's surprise, they both took.

"They both stuck but the female embryo split so to our utter shock and delight, we ended up having triplets," Jake continued.

Triplets Wren, Willow, and Winston were delivered on January twenty-third.

Jake continued: "They came early at thirty-two weeks and so spent their first twenty-three days of life in the hospital. It was honestly so surreal seeing our babies for the first time.

​"It was such a high-risk pregnancy that we had so much anxiety and worry. When we saw their little faces we were overwhelmed with emotion and tears of joy."

The whole process wasn't cheap - they spent a whopping $100,000 in medical costs, legal, and surrogacy fees.

But it was all worth it. The couple have taken time out of running their business in order to dedicate their attention to their children, but admit it's been tough.

Fortunately, they've had help from surrogate Heather, who is also a mother of triplets herself.

Jake continued: "She has been so helpful with tips and tricks on how to handle 3 babies."

"We've definitely been learning patience because everything takes triple the time and it's ok to slow down the pace a bit.

"We've learned to enjoy the little moments and to be more present. Our hearts are bursting with love for each one of them. We wouldn't change a thing."

We couldn't be happier for the new dads!

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