Genius Trick To Stop Colleagues Stealing Your Food at Work Goes Viral | 22 Words

Sick of people stealing your food? Well, one woman has a hilarious trick to put a stop to it...

There are 2 types of people.

Those who happily share their food...

And those categorically don't.

Because in their eyes, if you wanted some fries, then why didn't you order some?

But what about stealing your food entirely?

Is there anything worse than that?

You go to get your sandwich out the refrigerator and it's not there.

And don't even get us started on when it was the last one...

Well, if that's something that you find annoying, then you're going to want to keep scrolling...

Because one woman has just the trick to stop it from happening.

When one woman'sย colleague stole her food, she decided to leave them a note...

And after sharing it online, it's brought some much-needed humor to the internet...

A Twitter user named Kojo shared the story of his mom and her colleague.

He wrote: "so my mom saw that her eggs were missing at work so she posted this note.

"Later some white dude came to her stressed af for the antidote thinking he was going to die. ngl this is genius."

Alongside the tweet was a picture of the note that reads: "Attention Attention Attention!"

"To Whom It May Concern: I had a carton of eggs in the fridge and it's gone!"

"Whoever took the eggs please know that those eggs are not chicken eggs and are not meant for consumption."

"If you have not consumed them please discard but if you have please see me for the antidote. They are eggs from a rare bird in Africa. Thank you! Ama."

Kojo later added: "This taking off so moral of the story, don't touch what's not yours!!!"

Very true!

We'll be trying that one.

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