Witnesses Claim Lightning Destroyed George Floyd Mural | 22 Words

Earlier this week, a memorial to George Floyd in Toledo, Ohio, was mysteriously destroyed. Sadly, the memorial in Toledo was one of many across the States and was discovered reduced to rubble.

Floyd was the Black man murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis in May 2020, and his death set off a movement of Black Lives Matter protests across the USA and around the world. Floyd's death was one of the biggest events of the year, and its ramifications are still felt today.

Many were concerned it was the work of anti-Black Lives Matter activists (also known as racists). But now, a new theory has been floated - though not everybody is convinced.

The wall with the mural on crumbled at around 5 pm on Tuesday night, the Toledo Blade reported. City building inspector Hugh Koogan believes it was just natural deterioration. "It was just age. It just came away. It happens to the older buildings."

But now witnesses are claiming it may have been the result of a lightning strike. "Right before that storm hit, I just pulled in my driveway and it wasn't down," Susan Keller, who lives nearby, told WTVG. "I would've noticed it right away. I noticed it when they put it up, I would've noticed it when it came down."

In fact, the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department lists the cause of the collapse as a lightning strike based on witness reports and the scene, spokeswoman Sterling Rahe has confirmed. "When I did the mural, there was stuff on the wall that I couldn't remove and that let me know how strong the structure was," the mural's artist David Ross said. "The lightning thing, that's possible, but I know it didn't just fall."

But not everyone is convinced by the story. "Ok sure, lightning often times gets confused with a sledgehammer..." one commenter shared on Facebook. "Y'all really think lightning did this?" questioned another, while a third echoed: "I mean, you hear bout what happens and you're like, 'Noooo, that's crazy', but then you see it, and then it's like what else could that be? When does lighting ever just hit a side of a building like that?"

The building's owner has confirmed the rest of the structure will be demolished for safety reasons. The pile of rubble is currently behind a barrier to help protect members of the public from potentially injuring themselves by getting too close. City officials have confirmed they are planning to commission a new memorial to George Floyd on a different structure in the city and will be wanting Ross to do the honors.

Do you believe lightning was the cause of this destruction? Or are you a little more suspicious?