German Shepherd Saves the Life of a 90-Year-Old Woman | 22 Words

A German Shepard has saved the life of a ninety-year-old woman after she went missing from her home.

When Loudell Hubbard went missing from her home in Birmingham, Alabama, police officers required a little help from a 4-legged friend.

The elderly woman went missing from her home one evening for more than twelve hours, prompting a search and rescue operation to be launched. Officers spent hours searching for Hubbard, but it was only after they drafted in help from K9 Officer Saby that they did.

Saby, a German Shepard, led Richard Wright and Dustin Brock, two officers in the Birmingham Police SRT K9 Unit, right over to Hubbard.

She was found laid, cold and wet, in a creek bed where she slept through the night, using her purse as a pillow.

As per ABC 3340, Brock explained how Saby found the woman.

"The same time Richard came around the corner Saby was pulling me towards the creek. I come around and she was laying in the creek," he said. "I yelled 'Ma'am can you hear me?' She raised her head up and then we just went to her."

Hubbard, who suffers from dementia, had reportedly wandered a mile and a half from her home and into the woods without her cane when she fell into the creek. She was unable to climb out to dry land meaning she was stuck there until help arrived.

Frederick Jones, a neighbor of Hubbard, said he remained hopeful and had "faith" while she was missing.

"At the time everyone was still hopeful. They had faith and was positive," Jones said.

Speaking of when she was rescued he added: "Joy. It was joy. Everybody was just elated. Everybody was thanking God and just elated. Really it brought tears to your eyes that she was ok."

Brock also praised the efforts of his partner, Saby as he said: "It's impossible for us to duplicate what he does and do his job as fast as he does."

Well done, Officer Saby!