Mom Says Her Baby Was Born the Size of a Toddler | 22 Words

One mom has recently shared her incredible story of how she gave birth to her son who was triple the size of other newborn babies.

The video is wild. Keep scrolling to have a look for yourselves...

Now, welcoming a child into the world is an amazing experience.


The whole thing is magical, and it truly releases the inner warriors in women after a grueling 9 months of pregnancy.

The labor isn't so magical, however...

The labor of childbirth is known for being one of the most painful things that the human body can experience.

It is the very thing most women dread.

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A combination of intense muscle tightening, abdomen cramps, pain in the torso and pelvic area, back pain, contractions from the uterus, and, eventually, pushing a baby out... It's certainly no walk in the park.

Labor is different for every woman.

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Despite the fact that labor is pretty much guaranteed to be painful, it varies slightly for every woman; no labor is the same.

This can depend on the woman's genetics...

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As well as her tolerance to pain, her body type, and her health.

But it can also depend on the size of the baby...


This is an important factor when it comes to giving birth naturally, because sometimes, it's physically impossible.

One woman shared her story on TikTok where she revealed she had to have a C-section because her baby was triple the size of a typical newborn.


Yeah, that's one giant baby.

Upon hearing her story and seeing all the picture evidence, people were left speechless.


Comments poured in...

Shans, also known as @shans1588 on TikTok, replied to a video of someone requesting to see "the biggest baby."


"Oh you want to play the biggest baby?" She replied. "I got you."

Stood in front of a snapshot of her son as soon as he was born, she said this:


"At thirty-eight weeks and 1 day, I had my second son via C-section with 2 doctors assisting."

"Because he came in at a whopping 14 pounds, point six ounces."


That means her baby was almost twenty-four inches long!

She continues:


"That's right, I gave birth to a toddler, who then spent eleven days in the NICU, where clearly, he was the biggest baby in there."

She also added this:


"The NICU didn't even have diapers for him or clothes, they had to go upstairs to pediatrics and get size three diapers and he came home in clothing, sized 6-9 months."

That's wild.

Watch the full video here:


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