30-Year-Old YouTuber Grace Victory Awakens from Coma | 22 Words

Grace Victory has just woken up from a coma after nearly 3 months...

Upon hearing the good news, friends and fans left kind messages for the Youtuber...


Now, if you've never heard of Grace Victory before, she rose to fame on YouTube.

Victory, who is known as The Internet's Big Sister, joined the platform back in 2011 where she would post videos about lifestyle, with particular emphasis on body positivity.

Since then, she has managed to gain over 221,000 subscribers.

Not only is she popular on YouTube, she is also an influencer on Instagram.

We all knew Victory was pregnant as she shared the news on her social media, but we were not expecting what happened within a few months.

In December, her family put out a statement in which they explained that Grace had given birth early but she had run into some health complications.

They wrote this:

"As you know, Grace gave birth on Christmas Eve to a beautiful baby boy, who is currently doing so well, he's incredible. We love him so much."

They continued:

"Grace developed COVID-19 two weeks ago and although her symptoms were mild at first, they worsened as the days went on. Which meant they had to deliver the baby as soon as possible, as she was too unwell to carry on with the pregnancy."

They then started talking about her current condition:

"Grace was admitted into intensive care on Christmas Day due to issues with her breathing & therefore they had to make the decision of placing her into an Induced Coma, to give her body the rest it needs, in order to recover."

They finished the emotional post off by saying that they know she'll come back "stronger."

"...She'll come out of this stronger than ever. She has dedicated her whole career to healing people, we now ask that you pray, to heal her."

And they were right, just over 2 months later, Victory put out a new post saying "I'm awake."

And people couldn't be happier.

The news provoked an outpour of love from friends and fans alike who were just glad the social media star was awake and doing well.

Victory's boyfriend, Lee, reposted her latest post to his story.

And his most recent photo on his Instagram is a post of the couple from Dec. 21 with the caption, "My Grace! The Love I feel for this woman is unfathomable."

We're just glad that she's okay and so is her baby boy!

We wish her a speedy recovery.

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