Grandma Refuses Granddaughter Inside Because of Her Pants | 22 Words

A grandma has been praised for giving her granddaughter "tough love" after she refused to let her enter the house because of her pants.

When Jayla Williams went to visit her grandma, Maedean Wilson-Brewer, at her home in Arkansas, she was not allowed inside.

Maedean asked her granddaughter to leave after she turned up "looking naked" by wearing jeans with wide-open rips that lay across her thighs.

As per Little Thing, Maedean spoke with WREG and said: "She was looking naked."

Jayla shared a video to Facebook of her arriving at her grandma's house and her refusing to let her inside.

As per Pix11, Jayla said her grandma likes to joke around with her grandchildren, but this time, she knew she was serious.

In the video, Maedean can be heard telling her granddaughter to leave as Jayla says "Grandma, they are just some pants."

"I don't care if you call your mother," her grandma also told her, "She shouldn't have let you come over here wearing those pants."

Jayla eventually left her grandma's house and returned later wearing different pants.

"I told her to step around the car. Okay, you can come in," Maedean said.

Maedean's response to the way her granddaughter was dressed has been praised online after many people branding it as tough love.

One person commented under Jayla's Facebook video writing: "All jokes aside but we need more parents and grandparents like her."

"To these young parents and grandparents, you can't stop your grandchildren from doing everything they are doing and buying pants with holes in them, but you can do this- you can stop them from coming to your house dressed like that," Maedean said.

And as for what will happen to the jeans? Well, Maedean believes that Jayla should burn them, something that Jayla will consider doing for her grandma as she says: "She means the world to me."

Do you think Maedean's reaction was a little over-dramatic? Or do you think more kids now-a-days need a bit of tough love?